Danny Robins Tackles The Case Of Terrifying Creatures In The Alaskan Wilderness

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The Hairy Man In Alaskan Wilderness
Danny Robins is back with the fourth episode of his hit paranormal podcast 'Uncanny' as he continues his travels across the United States. In this week's instalment, titled 'The Hairy Man', Danny explores a chilling encounter in the Alaskan wilderness. Available on BBC Sounds, this episode introduces Fred, who recounts a harrowing experience involving mysterious, terrifying creatures. This is a two-part story, with the conclusion set to air next week.

The episode begins with Danny setting the scene in Alaska, a vast and unforgiving landscape. He describes Fred as a resilient man in his 40s, an indigenous Alaskan and an elder of his tribe. Fred's lifestyle is deeply rooted in the traditional ways of his people.

Fred shares, "We would always be hunting, you know, that's the lifestyle. It was still on the threshold of hunter-gatherer, so things like going to the grocery store for us was like Disneyland." Danny emphasises that Fred is not easily frightened, a testament to the toughness required to live in Alaska.

Fred's story begins on a sunny morning in September, as he, his uncle John, and his cousin John Jr. prepare for a gold prospecting expedition. Fred describes Uncle John as a fun, wisecracking man in his mid-60s, while John Jr. is almost like a brother to him, with nerves of steel.

Their journey takes them to the remote Nugnugaluktuk River. On the night of 17th September, 2006, they make camp in an abandoned salmon counting tower, an eight-foot square shack. Fred recounts, "It was a place to eat and sleep and literally wake up, climb a tower and count salmon. It was basically a glorified box."

As darkness falls, they are startled by the creaking of the shack. Fred recalls, "Between the top of his shoulder and the top of that 18-inch window, I saw something dark move out of the way. I assumed it was a bear." Armed with rifles and a spotlight, Fred and John Jr. cautiously investigate.

In the spotlight beam, they see three sets of eyeshine. Fred describes, "They were huge. They just stood there, unmoving. They were every bit of 10 foot tall if not taller, and they had this brownish colour similar to the colour of a moose. But what really stands out is the size of that eyeshine, just blood red."

The creatures' indifferent behaviour unnerves Fred. "These things did not give a flying rat's ass that we saw them," he says. As they retreat into the shack, John Jr. is visibly traumatised. Fred explains, "He was underneath that card table and he's like, seized up, his jaws clenched. He looked like he was having a seizure."

Fred then sees a massive face at the window, "I only saw it from the bottom of its nose to the top of its eyebrows. The eyes had to have been a foot apart." Danny clarifies, "This is not a human face." Fred agrees, "No. It was more human than ape but not human like me and you."

In a state of fear, Fred fires his shotgun through the wall, provoking a terrifying scream from the creature. "It screamed like it was pissed," he recalls. The shack is nearly tipped over, adding to their fear. Fred and his companions spend the night in sheer terror, trying to formulate an escape plan.

Fred describes seeing a figure behind an old outhouse, "It was obviously taller than the outhouse, I'm guessing 13 or 14 feet tall. But it was so black, Danny, it absorbed the light." The creatures then begin running around the shack, creating vibrations in the ground. "It felt like we were fighting a losing battle," Fred admits.

The story ends with Fred, his uncle, and his cousin trapped and terrified, surrounded by these monstrous beings. Fred fears for their lives, "All I can envision is how are they going to kill me. In my heart of hearts, I felt that I was a dead man."

What The Experts Think

Danny is joined by Lyle Blackburn, a cryptozoologist specialising in Bigfoot sightings, and Deborah Hyde, a folklorist and former editor of 'The Skeptic' magazine. Lyle explains cryptozoology as "the study of creatures that are said to exist but are unproven, undocumented by science." He adds, "If I was a huge creature that wanted to stay elusive, Alaska is the place to be," given its sparse population.

Deborah suggests that Fred's cultural background might have primed him to experience what he did. She explained, "The folklore and the beliefs that he has picked up throughout his life may well have had an effect on his interpretation of what happened to him."

The experts discuss the moment Fred and his companions see three figures outside their shack. Lyle notes, "It is rare that you have so many creatures seen together," but admits that sightings of multiple Bigfoot-like creatures, possibly a family unit, are not unheard of. Deborah, however, proposes a different explanation, "I think quite possibly a bear is standing there, a bear that's standing up."

Deborah also highlights the potential for misinterpretation under stress, especially considering the conditions inside the shack. "We misinterpret a lot of stuff when we're very stressed and when we're very afraid," she says, suggesting the window's condition and lighting may have contributed to Fred's fear.

Lyle finds Fred's detailed description of the face at the window significant. "Something that is upwards of 10 feet tall from the description fits well within what other people have described as Bigfoot." In contrast, Deborah compares Fred's description to a bear with mange, whose skin can appear "ashen grey, very wrinkly."

The experts also discuss Fred's reaction to shooting at the creature. Lyle emphasises the fear factor: "The level of fear when you realise you are the hunted is something most of us can't imagine." Deborah agrees, noting, "Whatever it is outside has realised first of all the things inside the box are dangerous...this is scary, and for good reason."

The episode concludes with a promise to continue Fred's story in the next episode, where Danny will travel to Willow Creek, Northern California, to further investigate these mysterious encounters. Tune in next week to 'Uncanny' for the conclusion of this gripping tale.

Danny concludes the episode with a promise of more to come. "This is a two-part investigation. We will be back next episode to hear what happens to Fred, his uncle, and cousin. How in the name of heck do they escape?" Danny will also visit Willow Creek in Northern California, known as the Bigfoot capital of the world, in an attempt to make sense of their experiences.

You can listen to this episode in full plus the full 'Uncanny' archive on BBC Sounds now.

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