2023 Quiz: Danny Robins' 'Uncanny' Year

December 19, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalPodcastsTelevision
Danny Robins Uncanny Calendar

This year has been a landmark one for Danny Robins. His podcast 'Uncanny' has continued to captivate fans of the paranormal but has also branched out into a book, a TV series, and even a live tour. To celebrate Danny's achievements, we've put together a quiz that delves into the various aspects of Danny's 'Uncanny' year. To score top marks, you're going to have paid attention to every episode, read his book, and seen Danny live on stage. Whether you're a long-time listener of 'Uncanny' or have recently stumbled upon Danny's explorations, this quiz is a great way to test your knowledge. So, let's get started and see how much you really know about Danny Robins' 'Uncanny' year.

1. What device did Daisy May Cooper tell Danny she had purchased for ghost-hunting?

2. During the 'Uncanny' stage show, what song played before Danny appeared on stage?

3. What was Daisy May Cooper's theory about the haunting?

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4. In October, Danny embarked on a nationwide tour, what was the name of the tour?

5. What is the setting of Matthew's story in the first case told to audiences of the stage show?

6. Which of these three experts joined Danny on his panel the most in podcast episodes released in 2023?

7. In the book, what weird incident does Danny describe that's turns out not to be paranormal?

8. Which of these phenomenon does Danny explore in the 'Uncanny' book?

9. What historical event is the backdrop for the second episode of the TV series in which Ian tells us about his childhood haunted home?

10. Who experienced a mysterious figure sighting outside by the hot tub at Daisy May Cooper's house?

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11. Which mundane household item does Danny experiment with in the TV series?

12. Which of these phenomenon does Danny NOT investigate in the TV series?

13. What historical event is linked to the land where Daisy May Cooper's house is built?

14. Where is the setting for the first case of the TV series, Cate's story?

15. In the second case featured in the stage show, what was the witness Del's profession?

16. Who was Danny's on-stage co-host for the UncannyCon fan event in London?

17. Danny released a book based on the podcast in 2023, but what was it called?

18. What does the final episode of the 'Uncanny' TV series explore?

19. What is the setting of the Christmas special of the podcast featuring Daisy May Cooper?

20. Which of these cases did Danny discuss during his appearance at the Hay Festival?


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