'Uncanny' Season 3 Opens With Sarah's Encounter With 'The Blue Man'

September 30, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ PodcastsParanormalRadio
The Blue Man - Uncanny
The hit paranormal podcast 'Uncanny' is back for a third season, bringing with it new tales that blur the lines between reality and the extraordinary. Episode one, 'The Blue Man' is available to listen to on BBC Sounds now.

Hosted by Danny Robins, episode one delves into a haunting narrative from Sarah, a marketing manager from Manchester. In a house nestled between Hawarden and Queensferry in North Wales, Sarah claims to have experienced multiple encounters with a mysterious entity she calls 'The Blue Man.'

Sarah, then 17, moved into a new house in Higher Shotton, North Wales, in 1999, fleeing an abusive home situation. With her mother navigating a failed marriage, a deceased grandfather, and preparing for her A-Levels, Sarah had a lot on her plate. A perfect storm for stress dreams, Sarah initially thought her experiences with 'The Blue Man' were manifestations of her own anxieties. 

Sarah describes a vivid, almost cinematic, recurring dream in which a tall, slender man appears in her bedroom, emanating a vivid blue light. Located in an odd corner of the room where no human could physically stand due to architectural restrictions, the figure is consistently draped in a trench coat and trilby hat. Appearing at approximately 2:30 AM, the figure evokes a deep sense of sadness, as if reliving the grief of losing her grandfather.

It was easy for Sarah to dismiss these visions as stress-induced dreams until her friend Becky also reported seeing 'The Blue Man' during a sleepover. Later, a family friend named Edwina, who claimed to be psychic, independently described the same entity without ever stepping into Sarah's bedroom. 

One of the most intriguing aspects of Sarah's story comes from a morning car ride with her friend Emily and her dad. According to Emily's father, who has lived in Higher Shotton his entire life, the field upon which Sarah's house was built used to be part of a farm. But it's what he said next that made the narrative more compelling. During the war, in the barn that once stood on that field, someone had died under mysterious circumstances. It was either the farmer, who had taken his life because his wife was having an affair, or the man whom his wife was having an affair with. This, according to Emily's dad, was why nobody had built on the field for so many years. Sarah was understandably disquieted by this information, and it added a layer of complexity to her experiences with 'The Blue Man.'

Years later, as Sarah moved on with her life, the memories of 'The Blue Man' subsided. However, during a hiking trip, she found herself discussing her encounter in general terms with people she had never met before. That's when an older man interrupted her narrative, astonishingly pinpointing the exact location of her past home in Higher Shotton. He claimed he had played in the barn on that field as a child and, in one instance, felt the same sadness, fear, and presence that Sarah had described. What's more, he claimed to have seen a similar figure—clad in a trench coat and a trilby hat.

For Sarah, this was a seismic moment. The old man's story was separated by decades from her own, yet eerily similar. Was this a mere coincidence, or was it something more, something that transcends time and defies rational explanation?

What Danny's Experts Think

Danny was joined by psychologist Ciarán O'Keeffe and writer and psychologist Evelyn Hollow, who offered their insights and interpretations on the case.

Ciarán thinks that Sarah's initial experiences could be attributed to sleep-related hallucinations, possibly triggered by stress and anxiety. The death of her grandad and the upheaval in her family life could certainly contribute to sleep disturbances. Ciarán also brings up the intriguing theory of bioluminescent fungi affecting the vivid blue quality of the apparition, although this is unlikely given the house's recent construction. He does not rule out CNVH (Complex Nocturnal Visual Hallucination), a type of parasomnia, as a plausible explanation. When a third witness, Edwina, sees the figure during the day, Ciarán questions the limitations of parasomnia theories and considers the influence of local stories or even contagion effects.

Evelyn raises the point that the apparition was also seen by Sarah's friend Becky and Edwina, making environmental or room-specific factors worth considering. She mentions that if there were something traumatic attached to the room or the land itself, that could explain the collective experiences. Hollow also raises a psychological interpretation of the "blue" aspect, suggesting that the vivid colour could be linked to Sarah's perception of the apparition's overwhelming sadness.

Both experts show hesitancy to fully embrace the supernatural, but neither can comfortably explain away the multi-witness nature of the sightings, especially when one occurs in daylight. Ciarán acknowledges that stories about the land, rather than buildings, can perpetuate what people perceive as hauntings. Evelyn emphasises the difficulty in rationalising the apparition when multiple witnesses are involved and when the experiences extend beyond the house.

The experts agree that while there are psychological and physiological theories that might explain individual aspects of Sarah's encounters with the 'Blue Man', none of these theories fully account for the collective, multi-situational sightings and emotional experiences reported. Therefore, the case remains an intriguing puzzle in both psychological and potentially paranormal realms.

Whatever the case, Danny Robins and the team did confirm that there were barns on the field where Sarah's house was built, and a history of suicides in the area. And so, Sarah's story raises the question of whether this was genuine paranormal activity, a series of remarkable coincidences, or something deeply psychological.

You can listen to the first episode of the new season of 'Uncanny', as well as all of previous two seasons on BBC Sounds now.

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