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As you can probably tell from the photo above, my true first love was radio. I've always been obsessed with radio. Its what drove me to better myself, it got me my first job beyond retail and even now that I no longer work in radio, it's still one of my great passions.

I was given a radio for my third birthday, perhaps it's this moment that started my love of radio, or maybe it was my early memories of listening to BBC Radio 1 as a child. The iconic jingle "England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales" has always stuck into my head, I remember hearing it on the stereo in our old dining room when I was about five or six.

Of course I ended up working in radio for one of the UK's biggest pop radio stations, and although I came pretty close, I never ended up working for Radio 1.

But my love for radio isn't just restricted to Radio 1 or the BBC, I have an interest in radio broadcasting in general all around the world.

Below is the content I have written for this website on the subject of radio.
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