'The Witch Farm' Finale Is Coming, Here's What We've Learnt About Heol Fanog So Far

November 29, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalPodcastsRadio

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The Witch Farm
The final episode of Danny Robins' paranormal podcast series 'The Witch Farm' lands on BBC Sounds this Monday, are you ready to help crack the case of Heol Fanog?

Danny said in the previous episode, "we have one episode left, it will be an episode of answers, revelations, utter horror and witches." He invited listeners to tweet-along on the evening the next instalment drops, Monday, December 5.

He'll be taking to Twitter to discuss the revelations of the final episode with the series' paranormal experts, Ciarán O'Keeffe and Evelyn Hollow.

Danny will also be hosting a live Twitter Spaces discussion immediately after the episode. This is your chance to ask Danny and the team all of your questions about the case.

The case revolves around a rural Welsh farmhouse called Heol Fanog, where Bill and Liz Rich were terrorised by paranormal activity in the 1990s. As the eight-part series comes to an end, skeptics and believers are being encouraged to come together to share their theories on the case.

So far we've heard about the family's unexplained exorbitant electricity bills, the mysterious death of livestock, multiple sightings of apparitions and even possession.

If you need a reminder about the case so far, here's what we've learned during the first seven episodes...

• The activity started with disembodied footsteps

• There seemed to be two types of footsteps: heavy-booted and slippered

• There were phantom smells

• A piano played itself when no one was in the room

• There was a massive, unexplained power drain

• There are ruins of an old manor house near by

• Many exorcisms were carried out at the farmhouse

• A plumber is also a witness to strange activity in the 1960s

• Liz spotted an apparition of an old woman

• Liz identified the old woman as Marion Holbourn, a former resident of the farmhouse

• Several animals died on the farm, starting with a pig and then two cats, a guinea pig, a dog and six goats

• Bill sent his son away on the advice of a psychic medium

• Bill felt he caused the death of a horse he painted for a neighbour

• According to dowser Dickie Dodds the farmhouse sits on ley lines

• Bill woke to find his hands were painful and bleeding

• BBC Wales journalist, Delyth Isaac, heard an "angry roar" in the kitchen in the early 90s

• A tall, dark, faceless figure was seen by Liz and her children in a hallway

• Mysterious voices were heard through a baby monitor

• Reverend David Holmwood believed Bill's paintings were a gateway for evil

• The reverend felt that Liz was possessed during one of his visits

• Historian, Bethan Morgan, discovered rumours that an 1848 axe murder took place the site of the farmhouse

If you've been listening along to all the twists and turns and formulating your own theory, or perhaps just have a burning question about the paranormal activity described at Heol Fanog, the good news is that on the night the series finale drops, you'll be able to talk it through with the hosts of the podcast. Danny told listeners, "if you press play at exactly 9pm you will be listening in unison with witchfarmers all around the world."

Join Danny and his panel on Twitter at 9pm on Monday, December 5 with the lights off and episode eight of 'The Witch Farm' ready to play on BBC Sounds.

Follow @danny_robins, @ciaranokeeffe and @_EvelynHollow to make sure you don't miss out, or follow the conversation using the hashtag #WitchFarmListenAlong. Be sure to stick around after for the live discussion on Twitter Spaces.

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