Justin Cowell To Launch 'The Paranormal Monkey Podcast'

October 26, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ PodcastsParanormal
Justin Cowell
British paranormal investigator Justin Cowell is launching a new podcast. Known for his rational and balanced approach to ghost hunting, Justin is returning to the world of live streaming with 'The Paranormal Monkey Podcast.' The first episode will air on Monday, October 30 at 8pm, available as a live video stream on YouTube.

"Really, the reason why I wanted to do this podcast was because I've been out of the loop in terms of investigations," Justin explained. He previously hosted a podcast called 'Superneutral' with his former team, Paranormal Truth. "I really enjoyed the interaction with the guests, with the public who were on the live chat, and just talking to so many people from so many different backgrounds. That's what I kind of missed."

Justin plans to include a variety of guests on his new podcast. "I don't want to be purely about academics," he said, emphasising the importance of different perspectives. "I want it to be a range of academics, skeptics, believers, eyewitness accounts, people from haunted locations, just a whole range to try and answer the big questions about the paranormal."

One of the key features of 'The Paranormal Monkey Podcast' is its interactive component. Justin intends for the live stream to be a conversation not just between him and his guests, but also with the audience. "I want the people watching it on YouTube to feel part of that conversation. So they can obviously chip in with their questions and their thoughts."

The podcast aims to be a place where people can openly discuss their experiences without fear of judgement. "I've spoken to quite a few people who have experienced things, that are so nervous about revealing it to other people," Justin mentioned, adding that he aims to foster a non-judgmental environment.

The subject matter of the podcast won't be limited to ghost and hauntings. "I'm going to keep it pretty open," Justin said. "Lots of people who have witnessed ghosts, when you start digging into it, there's a link between ghosts and UFOs." He mentioned he'd be open to having guests like Nick Pope to discuss UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.

Justin added, "If somebody's going to talk about time slip, that's awesome. If somebody just wants to talk about the history of the building, and the haunted reputation it's got, they can."

Already lined up for one of the first episodes is a conversation with the current owners of the Conjuring House in Rhode Island. Justin was surprised to secure them as guests so quickly, saying, "I thought, well, I'll try and contact the owners of 'The Conjuring' house, not really imagining that for one minute they would respond, but within the hour they replied."

As the date for the first episode draws near, 'The Paranormal Monkey Podcast' promises to be a space for interactive, balanced discussions on the paranormal. With Justin Cowell at the helm, viewers can look forward to a variety of topics and guests, all explored in a rational and open manner.

To ensure you don't miss out on this Justin's upcoming podcast series, subscribe to his new YouTube channel now and get notified when the first episode of 'The Paranormal Monkey Podcast' goes live.

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