Spirit Walk-Ins: A Peaceful Exchange Of Souls Or A Forced Possession

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Spirit Walk Ins
A "walk-in" is when a separate soul is believed to take over the body of a human, usually replacing the soul that was originally inhabiting the body. They are generally said to occur when the original soul is experiencing overwhelming difficulties or has completed what it feels are its primary purposes in life. The new soul that "walks in" assumes control, continuing the life of the host body but with different goals, personality traits, and, in some cases, a completely new life direction.

This concept is different from attachments and full possessions, mainly because a walk-in involves a consensual and peaceful transfer meant for the benefit of both souls involved. The original soul departs to another plane or existence, supposedly to a restful or appropriate place, while the walk-in brings a new perspective and often a renewed vigour to the host’s life.

An attachment, on the other hand, refers to a situation where a spirit or entity latches onto a person without fully taking over their body or consciousness. Without the person's consent, these entities might influence the person subtly, affecting their emotions, energy levels, or even physical health.

Full possession involves a non-consensual takeover where an external entity or spirit gains control over a person's body, thereby suppressing the influence of the original soul. Possessions are commonly depicted in media and folklore as scenarios requiring interventions like exorcisms to remove the invading spirit.

While attachment and possession are seen as negative, walk-ins are often associated with positive personal transformation, where individuals claim sudden changes in their outlook, personality, or life direction that they attribute to a new soul entering their body. These stories are typically accompanied by significant changes in behaviours, beliefs, or even physical conditions that were previously characteristic of the person.

Although walk-ins are consensual, those who believe in the concept claim that the process of allowing a walk-in is not as straightforward as giving verbal consent but involves a deeper, often spiritual agreement that occurs on another level of consciousness. Through meditative practices, prayer, or channeling, a person might reach an understanding or receive a message that it's time for their current soul to depart and for a new soul to take over.

Some traditions suggest that souls make agreements before birth about their key experiences and challenges in the upcoming life. In these scenarios, a walk-in arrangement might be agreed upon even before either soul inhabits a body. This agreement would come into play at a predetermined time or under specific circumstances agreed upon by both souls involved.

Sometimes, permission is given during times of extreme stress, health crises, or profound personal transformation. Those experiencing such moments might feel as if they are at a crossroads, leading them to seek or unconsciously open up to a soul exchange.

The ability to consciously invite a walk-in, or to engage with spirits at a level that might facilitate a walk-in, is often associated with a deeper spiritual awareness or sensitivity that some people might be gifted with more than others, but being a fully-fledged psychic medium is generally not said to be a necessary requirement. However, psychic mediums claim to have the ability to communicate with spirits, making them more likely to be aware of and possibly facilitate a walk-in.

Someone who believes they have undergone a walk-in may exhibit changes in personality or life goals, which can strain relationships with those around them. Loved ones might not understand or accept the individual's new behaviours or beliefs, potentially leading to isolation or conflict.

It's believed by some that when a new soul walks in, it doesn't completely erase the host's past memories. Instead, the new soul may have access to the host's memories as if they were its own. This allows the new soul to maintain continuity in the host's daily life and gives them access to essential knowledge and skills, like the ability to read, write, and understand language.

Temporary Spirit Walk-ins

To a lesser extent, the term "walk-in" is used to describe a less profound and more short-term takeover of someone's body that are considered fundamentally different in duration and impact. This is when a spirit briefly enters the person, influencing them for a short duration, usually in order to share their consciousness, thoughts, or knowledge with the host for a short duration ranging from a few seconds to minutes. Spirits might use this brief possession to deliver messages or convey a sense of peace to the person they have accessed.

While this may be a peaceful and consensual soul exchange, in this context, walks in may also be non-consensual and more like a form of temporary forced possession. Spirits might temporarily possess a person to compel them to act out of character, perhaps by saying or doing something harmful or even attacking the person as a form of warning. These types of walk-ins are said to be more invasive and unwelcome, which could be unsettling or frightening for the person experiencing them.

Whether temporary or permanent, benevolent or malevolent, skeptics often attribute walk-ins to psychological factors such as dissociative identity disorder, mental health issues, or neurological changes. The idea of walk-ins, therefore, remains firmly within the realm of metaphysical belief.

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