Daisy May Cooper Reveals Her Most Terrifying 'Uncanny' Episode

October 19, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ PodcastsParanormalRadio
Daisy May Cooper - This Country
In the latest episode of 'Uncanny', Daisy May Cooper takes centre stage and shares her personal connection with the series and introduces listeners to a classic case from the 'Uncanny' archives.

Following in the footsteps of Reece Shearsmith from the previous week, Daisy warmly recalls, "I've been a huge fan of 'Uncanny' ever since my brother Charlie said to me, 'you have to listen to this Danny Robins podcast about ghosts.' I was so frightened listening to it, that night I had to sleep with all the lights on and put on old Mr. Bean episodes for comfort."

Daisy, best-known for her role in 'This Country', has always been vocal about her fascination with the paranormal. In her 'Uncanny' takeover, she said, "I've been fascinated with the paranormal from a very early age. At primary school I used to pretend to get possessed to get me out of assembly."

She tells us, "It's so hard to pick a favourite episode and when I did, I found out Reece Shearsmith had picked the same one, which is bloody annoying as I had loads to say about that one. So here is another one of my favourites: 'Don't Sleep In This House'."

The episode she presents is a haunting narrative of Phil Macneill's eerie experience at Luibeilt, a secluded bothy in the Scottish Highlands. What initially seemed like an abruptly abandoned shelter soon revealed its dark secrets as night approached. Danny Robins, the podcast host, delves deeper into the unsettling history of the bothy, citing an old news report about the tragic suicide of John McAlpine, a gamekeeper who once resided there. However, the mystery doesn't end there.

But the story didn't end there, after the episode originally aired, 'Uncanny' fans continued to research the case finding clues on a climber's forum. A post mentions a sighting of a man, reminiscent of a gamekeeper, near Luibeilt. The post describes the man in old-fashioned attire, which leads Danny to speculate: could this be the restless spirit of John McAlpine?

Further research unveiled a shocking connection between this remote Highland bothy and 39 Gibson Street. Danny drops a bombshell on the listeners: "That child's name was John McAlpine." This revelation suggests that Phil might have lived in the childhood residence of John McAlpine, drawing a chilling parallel between the two locations.

In an interview with Chortle, Daisy expressed her keen desire to host her very own ghost hunting show. "I genuinely believe in them," Daisy confessed. Her commitment to exploring the supernatural goes beyond mere words. She even bought her own ghost hunting equipment, although her quest for spectral evidence has remained unfruitful so far. Her passion stems from an innate curiosity, a longing for the extraordinary. Despite never witnessing an apparition, Daisy believes she's communicated with the ethereal using an EVP recorder, a device that supposedly captures ghostly voices. 

Her paranormal escapades also include a night at the infamous Ancient Ram Inn with her 'This Country' co-star, Charlie Cooper. This inn, steeped in history and ghostly tales, left a lasting impression on the duo. Daisy reminisces, "It's just got so much character; it's like stepping back in time. I've always wanted to explore it."

While Daisy occupies 'Uncanny' fans with this classic episode, Danny is busy entertaining fans and followers around the country. The live show 'Uncanny: I Know What I Saw' kicked off last week and continues to tour the country. And as if that weren't enough, the second episode of the 'Uncanny' television series drops on BBC Two and iPlayer on Friday night at 9pm.

You can listen to Daisy May Cooper's appearance on 'Uncanny', as well as all of the previous episodes on BBC Sounds now.

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