Danny Robins Asks Can Someone Be Lucky Three Times Or Is A Guardian Angel At Work

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Car Crash
'Uncanny' continues as Danny Robins unravels another unnerving tale in the second series, available now on BBC Sounds. In this week's instalment, we plunge into 'An Angel Called Bernie'. The episode dives into the intriguing story of Matthew, who felt a connection with the afterlife in the form of his late grandmother.

Matthew, a software training consultant in Dublin, Ireland, has an extraordinary paranormal story that begins with an unusual relationship with his grandmother, Bernadette Laurette Margaret, affectionately known as Bernie. His experiences have led him to believe in the concept of a guardian angel, an entity which, he claims, has saved his life three times. His guardian angel, he believes, is none other than his late grandmother Bernie.

Bernie was a stern, formidable woman, a matriarch who ruled with an iron fist. Matthew's relationship with her was complex; he was often intimidated by her stern demeanor and strict rules. However, he admits carrying a small photograph of her in his wallet, a testament to the affection he had for her despite their difficult relationship. In 2005, Bernie, suffering from diabetes and breast cancer, bid goodbye to her loved ones, including Matthew, and passed away. Bernie left Matthew with an apology for her harshness, explaining that her intentions were to mold him into a better man.

Fast forward to a year later. Matthew and his brother were driving to a local Chinese takeaway on a rainy day when a tire blowout led to a dangerous spin. As the car spun out of control, Matthew's brother's seatbelt came undone. In a flash of white light, Matthew saw Bernie's figure, her hands stopping his brother from hitting the windscreen, ultimately saving his life. This was the first encounter with his guardian angel.

The second time Matthew felt Bernie's protective presence was a few years later. While serving in the Irish army, he was driving late at night when he fell asleep at the wheel. Suddenly, he heard a loud voice, screaming at him to wake up. His car narrowly missed crashing into a hut before rolling down a field. Matthew attributes the voice that roused him from his sleep to Bernie.

The third encounter was in Chad, Central Africa, while Matthew was serving as a peacekeeper with the Irish military. Carrying almost a thousand rounds of ammunition, two bullets inexplicably discharged, narrowly missing him. Matthew believes that Bernie's protective presence was the reason for his miraculous escape.

Years later, while serving in Syria, Matthew received a message from his son via WhatsApp, saying he was sent from heaven to watch over his father. Matthew interpreted this as Bernie's influence, believing she had become part of his son, to continue her role as his guardian angel.

What The Experts Think

The experts in the podcast, psychologist Dr. Cal Cooper and Reverend Kate Bottley, provided their thoughts on Matthew's experiences of what he believes to be paranormal activities related to his grandmother Bernie.

Cal explains that Matthew's experiences are not uncommon, particularly among those who have lost a loved one. He suggests that people often look for and find symbolic signs or coincidences that they interpret as contact from the deceased. Cal acknowledges that while it's less common, some people report more direct experiences, such as sensing a loved one's presence, seeing apparitions, or even attributing life-saving events to the intervention of a deceased loved one. Regarding Matthew's car crash and the apparition of Bernie, Cal suggests that high adrenaline and possible temporary oxygen starvation to the brain during such an intense event could have led Matthew to have a near-death experience where he perceived Bernie's presence.

Kate theorises that Bernie's apparent post-mortem interventions could be seen as attempts to redeem herself and be the grandmother she couldn't be during her lifetime. Kate also introduces the idea of guardian angels or protective spirits, noting that the concept is prevalent across many belief systems and cultures. When it comes to the seatbelt reattaching itself, Kate admits that while it's not possible for a paranormal force to interact with physical objects, there are elements of Matthew's story that remain unexplainable.

Cal, being a skeptic, tends to lean towards a more psychological explanation. He suggests that Matthew's brain may have created these experiences as a way to cope with his grief and traumatic experiences. Kate, on the other hand, acknowledges the deeply personal and emotional aspects of Matthew's experiences, noting that hearing the voice of a loved one can offer a great deal of comfort to those grieving.

More episodes of Radio 4's 'Uncanny' are available on BBC Sounds now and will also be broadcast on Saturday nights at 11:30pm on Radio 4 from April 8.

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