Bloody Hell: Danny Robins Chats Room 611 With Ken & Alanbrooke Witness Gary

May 02, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ PodcastsParanormalRadio
Uncanny - Room 611
The latest episode of the podcast 'Uncanny' featured an intriguing conversation between host Danny Robins and two of the key witnesses in the Room 611 case that was recorded at the first-ever Uncanny Con.

Explaining a delay to the release of the latest episode of 'Uncanny', Danny told listeners, "we had planned to bring you an episode with new information on the Room 611 case, the strange story of that student bedroom in Alanbrooke Hall, the student residence at Queen's University in Belfast. Unfortunately, we can't do that right now and I know that you will be really disappointed and I am really, really sorry for that. But sometimes these things do happen and I hope that you will trust us that this was the correct call to make."

Instead of the anticipated episode, listeners were treated to a captivating conversation between Danny, Ken, the original star witness in the Room 611 case, and Gary Foster, a new witness from last series who served as a student warden at Alanbrooke Hall. Danny described the conversation, that delves deeper into the unsettling experiences of those who lived in Room 611 at Queen's University in Belfast, as "a really interesting discussion about this fascinating chilling case."

The conversation begins with Ken expressing his surprise at the widespread interest in the story, initially believing it to be trivial. The Room 611 case began back at the start of the first series of the podcast when Ken emailed Danny about his eerie experiences. To his surprise, the case gained immense interest, leaving Ken "overwhelmed." Danny observed that the case "keeps on giving," as more witnesses have come forward with almost identical experiences, making it difficult to explain.

In the conversation, Danny asked Ken, a scientist, about the reassurance and unease that comes with knowing others have had similar experiences in Room 611. Ken responded, "It does a bit both, to be honest with you... it becomes really difficult for me to explain it each time I hear about another witness and hear a story that's very similar to my own." He reminds of  a fellow student named Billy who had identical experiences involving a dark, evil presence and something trying to break down the door, something also experienced by Gary in the building.

Gary, a former student warden at Alanbrooke Hall, shared his perspective on the backdrop of the 1980s Troubles in Belfast and its potential influence on the haunting experiences. He mentioned that despite living in constant fear and anxiety, some incidents still gave him the "heebie-jeebies." One of these incidents was when he nearly fell out of a window, which he now finds chilling in retrospect.

During the discussion, the audience asked questions about their experiences, coping mechanisms, and the potential connection between student deaths and the haunting of Alanbrooke Hall. In response to a question about the alleged student deaths, Ken expressed his interest in uncovering more information about the tragic events that may have occurred in Room 611, appealing for more witnesses to come forward.

Gary added that they had to undergo student death and suicide training as wardens, and he acknowledged that unfortunate incidents did occur among the young community. However, he also pointed out that no strange occurrences happened to him while living in other halls, only in Alanbrooke Hall.

When asked about the current state of the building, Gary shared that it has been transformed into a student village of two to three-story blocks called Elders Village. Danny mentioned that they have been contacted by students living there now, and it would be intriguing to hear more stories from current residents.

The conversation concluded with a question about what it would take for Ken to believe in the paranormal. Ken emphasised the importance of overwhelming evidence and remaining open-minded. He said, "Everything is based on evidence, enough evidence allows you to draw conclusions... it would have to be overwhelming evidence."

The conversation offered a closer look into the enigmatic Room 611 case, leaving the audience contemplating the nature of the paranormal. You can listen to the full conversation with Ken and Gary now on BBC Sounds.

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