Phantom Phone Calls Are The Topic Of This Week's 'Uncanny' As Harry Calls

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In the latest episode of the 'Uncanny,' podcast host Danny Robins introduces us to Will, who tells us about his paranormal encounter that began back in 1992, during his time as a first-year student at Royal Holloway University in London. You can hear Will's full story in the new episode, entitled 'Harry Called' on BBC Sounds now.

As an introverted individual, Will found solace in the company of his best friend, Leon, and two other friends, Charlie and James. However, a seemingly innocent Ouija board session after a night out drinking led to a series of inexplicable events that left Will questioning his beliefs and sanity.

Will's reservations about Ouija boards stemmed from a medium he knew during his childhood, who warned him against using them. Despite his skepticism about the supernatural, Will chose not to participate when his friends decided to experiment with the board. To his surprise, the atmosphere in the room shifted as the coin they were using as a planchette began moving, spelling out the name "Harry."

Following the Ouija board session, Will started receiving peculiar messages on his dorm room door: "Harry called." Initially believing it to be a prank orchestrated by his friends, he confronted them, only to discover their genuine confusion. As the messages persisted, Will's curiosity turned to concern. The calls became increasingly unnerving when he finally answered and encountered a voice that seemed out of time, completely disregarding his presence.

What made the situation more disturbing was the fact that only Will's friends could have known his room number. The persistence of these mysterious calls, despite his friends' denial of involvement, left Will searching for answers and fearing the unknown.

Months later, Will found himself in a new student hall called Cumberland Lodge, located in Windsor Great Park. One day, he approached the bar on the site and noticed a man with an antiquated appearance staring at him intently through the window. Feeling uncomfortable, Will attempted to enter the bar, only to find the door locked. To his surprise, when he looked back at the man, he had disappeared, leaving him unnerved and wondering how anyone could have got inside and left a locked bar.

Will's unsettling experiences continued as he received a note on his door with the familiar message, "Harry called." The unnerving messages persisted, leading to another phone call from "Harry." This time, the voice was absent, replaced by a peculiar breathy sound, an eerie auditory experience that left Will shaken.

Will encountered the same mysterious man from the bar while driving through Windsor Great Park. Startled, he braked abruptly, only to find the man standing in front of his car. The man's appearance matched the previous sightings, and despite the pouring rain, he remained dry. Moments later, the figure vanished into thin air, leaving Will bewildered and deeply unsettled.

The culmination of Will's haunting experiences occurred when he woke up in the middle of the night to find the ghostly figure with the moustache standing in his bedroom. Paralysed with fear, Will experienced a sensation of the figure moving closer and closer until it sat on his bed. Overwhelmed by terror, Will shut his eyes tight and remained motionless until morning, when the ghostly visitor had vanished.

What Danny's Experts Think

Danny was joined by psychologist Ciarán O'Keefe and parapsychologist Evelyn Hollow, who offered their insights and interpretations on the case.

Evelyn delved into the significance of the Ouija board session that initiated Will's haunting journey. She wondered whether the hairdresser's warning might have been more significant than Will originally thought. Evelyn likened the unnerving phone calls to the actions of a persistent stalker. She felt that the continuation of these calls, despite moving to different student accommodation, further heightened the sense of unease.

Meanwhile, Ciarán explored alternative explanations for the events. He questioned whether Will's friends were perpetuating an elaborate prank. Ciarán also addressed the mysterious appearance of the moustachioed man who seemed to be haunting Will. The man's old-fashioned attire and unsettling demeanour left a lasting impression on Will. Ciarán's explanation included the possibility of hallucination while driving, coincidences and the notion of self-fulfilling prophecies, where Will's may have labelled unrelated normal events as paranormal because of his belief in the power of the Ouija board.

More episodes of Radio 4's 'Uncanny' are available on BBC Sounds now and will also be broadcast on Saturday nights at 11:30pm on Radio 4.

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