Complete List Of Secret Bunkers

  • Admiralty Citadel - Horse Guards Parade, London

    Admiralty Citadel

    Horse Guards Parade, London
    No Access

    A huge, protected Second World fortress right in the middle of Central London, sat in between Horse Guards Parade and Saint James's Park.

  • The former entrance to Strand Station.

    Aldwych Station

    Westminster, London
    No Access

    Aldwych Station, originally know as Strand Station was closed in 1994. The disused street level entrance can still be seen on The Strand.

  • Abandoned shells outside the village of Monkton Farleigh.

    Ammo Case Valley

    Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire
    Full Access

    A Second World War ammo dump, the valley was originally the entrance to Browns Folly Mine which was collapsed by the War Department.

  • Scotland's Secret Bunker

    Anstruther ROTOR

    Anstruther, Fife
    Full Access

    One of the UK's biggest and most secret bunkers was hidden in the small Scottish town of Anstruther, near Troywood in Fife. Like Kelvedon Hatch, this regional government hideout was hidden beneath an innocent-looking Scottish farmhouse.

  • Bethel Quarry

    Bethel Quarry

    Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire
    No Access

    A fairly small, single adit entrance Bath stone quarry, it's now used as a mushroom farm, it all spent some time as a Royal Naval storage depot.

  • Bootstrap Company Bunker

    Bootstrap Company Bunker

    Hackney, London
    Limited Access

    A surviving WW2 underground bunker situated behind The Print House, the industrial space features 5 separate cavernous rooms. Untouched for over 60 years, the bunker remains in its original state.

  • Box Quarry

    Box Quarry

    Box, Wiltshire
    Limited Access

    Box Quarry is an SSSI (Special Site of Scientific Interest) because of its national importance for hibernating and roosting bats. The bats must not be disturbed in any way. Box Quarry is at the western end of the MOD's Tunnel Quarry site and is partly owned by the MOD but after some modification it was only used as an air inlet for the Tunnel Quarry complex.

  • Box Tunnel

    Box Tunnel

    Corsham, Wiltshire
    No Access

    A two mile long tunnel, built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel through Box Hill. Next to the eastern entrance of the tunnel you can see the remains of a branch from the main London to Bristol railway line which lead into the hillside into the Corsham Ammunitions Depot and terminated at a half-mile long underground railway station which was used during World War II.

  • Inside the WWII gun placement, a later addition to the fort.

    Brean Down Fort

    Brean, Somerset
    Full Access

    The fort was built between 1864 and 1871 on the recommendations of the 1859 Royal Commission. Originally armed with seven 7" RMLs, it was disarmed in 1901, but rearmed with two 6" ex-naval guns during World War II. Recently restored and opened to the public by the National Trust.

  • Brewers Yard Quarry

    Brewers Yard Quarry

    Corsham, Wiltshire
    No Access

    A very unique former Bath stone quarry, the quarry is small in size but has some interesting features. The quarry comprises of two levels which are connected by a stone staircase and a vertical shaft connecting both levels with the surface. There are many blocks of Ashlar which were stacked up but never moved to the surface.

  • Bristol Brewery

    Bristol Brewery

    No Access

    A Brewery in the centre of Bristol, now close and currently being redeveloped. The brewery produced George's and then Courage's beer from 1702.

  • Brocklease Quarry

    Brocklease Quarry

    Corsham, Wiltshire
    No Access

    Brocklease Quarry is also known as Goblins Pit, it is currently used by Wansdyke Security for secure storage and as a vehicle depot.

  • The well in Browns Folly Mine.

    Browns Folly Mine

    Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire
    Full Access

    Browns Folly Mine is an average sized Bath Stone quarry which was originally part of Monkton Farleigh Mine however when the War Department converted part of the quarry in to an ammunitions store they separated part of the quarry which is the area now known as Browns Folly.

  • An area of Browns Quarry known as The Deep.

    Browns Quarry

    Corsham, Wiltshire
    No Access

    A small stone quarry to the north of tunnel quarry in Corsham which was converted and used as the underground headquarters of No. 10 Group Fighter Command and as a ROTOR training station, the site is now abandoned.

  • On South Main Road approaching East Main Road. The fire exit signs are pointing to a passenger lift situated around the corner.

    Burlington Bunker

    Corsham, Wiltshire
    No Access

    The former emergency relocations site for the government in the event of nuclear attack, the site has been abandoned since the 1980s since which time it has been kept as a decoy site until its declassification at the end of 2004. Burlington has had many code names since its conception in the early 50s, these include Stockwell, Subterfuge, Turnstile, and more recently Site 3.

  • The public entrance to the tourist attraction.

    Cabinet War Rooms

    Whitehall, London
    Limited Access

    One of London's most famous tourist attractions. Situated under Whitehall in the centre of the Capital, the Cabinet War Rooms was Prime Minster, Winston Churchill's hideaway during the second, built in a reinforced basement beneath the treasury building.

  • The surface support buildings above the ammo depot.

    Central Ammunitions Depot

    Corsham & Surrounding Areas, Wiltshire
    Limited Access

    CAD is spread over four separate quarries in the Corsham area, Monkton Farleigh Quarry is in part used for secure holding by Wansdyke Security. Tunnel Quarry is still used by the MOD. Ridge Quarry has been abandoned. Eastlays Quarry is a commercial site used for wine storage.

  • Part of the tunnel which was used as an air raid shelter during WWII.

    Clifton Rocks Railway

    Limited Access

    A funicular railway constructed inside the cliffs of the Avon Gorge, it closed before WWII and became a secret transmission base for the BBC.

  • COBRA (Cabinet Office Briefing Room)

    COBRA (Cabinet Office Briefing Room)

    Whitehall, London
    No Access

    COBRA is an acronym commonly used in the press for Cabinet Office Briefing Room A, the briefing rooms are a suite of secure, hardened meeting rooms used in times of national crisis by various government departments. COBR is now a term used to refer to both the facility and the committee.

  • Colerne Airfield

    Colerne Airfield

    Colerne, South Gloucestershire
    No Access

    A very large airfield which is still in use today as home to 21 Signal Regiment and as a communications site for the joint service's Skynet system.

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