BBC Confirms Second Series Of Sian Eleri's 'Paranormal' & Reveals Details Of Her Next Case

September 18, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevisionUFOs
Paranormal With Sian Eleri
Photo: © BBC
Building on the success of its first series, Sian Eleri's balanced documentary series returns to examine Wales' infamous UFO sightings and the unsolved mysteries behind them.

BBC Three and BBC Wales have officially announced that the groundbreaking docu-series 'Paranormal With Sian Eleri' will return with a new four-part series. Following Sian's first supernatural outing, which pulled in more than 2.7 million streams on the BBC iPlayer, the show is about to explore another perplexing paranormal topic: unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The Radio 1 DJ is poised to delve into one of Wales' most fascinating paranormal puzzles, focusing on a series of peculiar events that unfolded along the south and west coasts of Wales during the 1970s and 1980s. From isolated rural hamlets to bustling seaside resorts, Wales was gripped by a flurry of sightings that left both believers and skeptics bewildered.

Sian said, "A second series is upon us! It’s been so eye-opening to investigate such open-ended issues, with series one raising questions challenging my own beliefs, so I can’t wait to get started on the next celestial adventure. The world of UFOs, extra-terrestrial activity and other theories around what exists in our skies is vast, so who knows what we might discover? I’m intrigued to find out."

Clare Sillery, Head of Documentary Commissioning for the BBC, said "It's been great to see how our audience enjoyed the first series of Paranormal. I’m delighted Sian Eleri will be returning - this time for a dive into the weird world of ufology."

The upcoming series will take viewers into the notorious "Welsh Triangle", a geographical area marred by an unusually high number of UFO reports. All of these reports made national news, but remain unexplained to this day. The most famous of these was the mystifying Broad Haven Primary School Incident, which saw entire classrooms full of children all witness the same UFO.

In addition to first-hand accounts, Sian will seek the insights of ufologists who have dedicated their lives to the subject, as well as skeptics who point to possible hoaxes or psychological influences as explanations for these otherworldly phenomena.

Series two will draw on the success of 'Paranormal: The Girl, The Ghost & The Gravestone', which tackled the unsettling case of Penyffordd Farm, often referred to as 'the most haunted house in Wales'.

Nick Andrews, Head of Commissioning at BBC Wales said "Our nation’s obsession with all things paranormal is confirmed with our smash hit first series. Why wouldn’t we go again? This time to outer space and if some of the rumours are to be confirmed and the archive believed, Sian’s about to uncover an extraordinary true story…or is she? This is what we love about this series and BBC Cymru Wales is right behind (the sofa) as Sian and her team take us on another terrific adventure. You couldn't make it up."

'Paranormal With Sian Eleri' is produced by the talented team at Twenty Twenty Television. Ruth Kelly and Jo Hughes, are managing the project, while Rory Jackson and Hannah Horan steer the creative vision. We don't yet have a streaming date for the series, but it's likely to land on BBC iPlayer next year.

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