DVP: Direct Voice Phenomenon Explained

November 20, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGhost Hunting

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Direct Voice Phenomenon or DVP are audible, disembodied voices that are heard during paranormal investigations, séances or at a haunted location, which are spoken directly to the investigator or witness.

DVP is sometimes also referred to as an AVP or Audible Voice Phenomena, but the terms are interchangeable.

A DVP is similar to EVP, which stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon and refers to voices which are captured or heard via electronic audio recording or playback equipment. In the case of DVPs however, no audio or electrical equipment is used and they are heard live, in real time with nothing more than the human ear.

Direct voice phenomenon are very rare, almost as rare as full bodied apparitions, but it's not uncommon for people to report hearing laughing, cries or even menacing voices shouting "get out" while at an allegedly haunted property.

Although DVP relates to audible voices, the phenomenon shouldn't be confused with voices produced in cases like the famous Enfield Poltergeist haunting, when a gruff male voices seemed to be coming from Janet Hodgson. This is not a DVP as in this case Janet was the instrument of communication, meaning it was not direct. That is why the phenomenon is called "direct voice" or "independent voice" - no equipment is involved and the voice isn't spoken through a third party.

DVPs are rare but understood activity that investigators might encounter during a paranormal investigation, but traditionally direct voice phenomenon was more closely associated with a unique branch of mediumship. In séances it wasn't uncommon for a direct-voice medium to facilitate voice communication.

It was believed that the medium was able to encourage and give the spirit the energy to come forward and communicate, but the voice didn't come from the medium themselves. Instead it was heard coming from mid-air in front of them or elsewhere in the room, and the words were spoken in the spirit's own voice.

There are plenty of examples of spirits who are able to manifest audible voices. One of the best known case is the tale of the ghost of Sarah Siddon who is said to haunt the Bristol Old Vic theatre. The building is one of the oldest continually-operating theatres in the world, built between 1764–66.

Sarah's boyfriend hanged himself at this theatre, and her ghost is thought to continue to mourn the loss. Staff working at the theatre have reported hearing a female voice telling them to "get out," a classic example of DVP.

The key to hearing a DVP during an investigation is to be patient and quiet and to offer lots of encouragement to the spirits. Call out and ask any spirits present at an allegedly haunted location to use their voice to talk to you. Ask them to use your energy to communicate and remember to encourage them and don't make demands of them. After calling out stay still and quiet and give the spirits time to answer.

If you do hear a voice or a sound then thank them for their efforts as this may have required them to use a lot of energy and by showing your appreciation they are more likely to stick around and try to show you more signs they are with you.

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