Edinburgh Vaults Ghost Quiz

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Haunted Edinburgh Vaults
The Edinburgh Vaults are said to be the most haunted location in Scotland, and are by far the most haunted underground location in the UK.

The vaults were built to cope with the Scottish city's growing population, and were used to house taverns, workshops for cobblers and other tradesmen, as well as storage space for these merchants.

Conditions soon became grim in the vaults, business shut shop and left, leaving the vaults in the hands of the poor, the homeless and criminals. The chambers became so notorious for illegal activities that they were eventually filled in, only to be unearthed years later and turned into the tourist attraction it is today.

1. The Edinburgh Vaults are a network of eerie chambers which are formed in the arches of which bridge?

2. The vaults are made up of roughly how many individual rooms or chambers?

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3. In what year did the first of the city's businesses such as taverns, workshops for cobblers and other tradesmen move into the vaults?

4. Eventually the vaults were filled in and forgotten about, until they were rediscovered in which decade?

5. During television show 'Most Haunted's' investigation of the location in 2008, one of their team was seemingly attacked by an unseen force, what happened to him?

6. What is the nickname given to the most infamous and menacing ghost who haunts Edinburgh Vaults?

7. This spirit is said to lurk at the back of the vaults, he surprises unsuspecting visitors by doing what?

8. A ghost called Jack is also said to interact with visitors who enter the wine vault, but what is he said to do to them?

9. Which of these American ghost hunting shows has visited Edinburgh Vaults?

10. The infamous Burke and Hare were said to prowl, they would steal what they found and sell it on the black market, but what did they steal?


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