'Ghost Stories' – The Official Trailer For The Incredibly Scary UK Horror Film Has Arrived

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By Gareth Bellamy
January 12, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalMoviesGhosts

'Ghost Stories' is a forthcoming British horror film from writer directors Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson. Based on a stage play which ran in the West End from 2010 to 2011, the film stars Martin Freeman from Sherlock, Paul Whitehouse from The Fast Show and Alex Lawther from Black Mirror.

The stage show was notorious for scaring the heck out of audiences, and for being sold out as it was so popular. With promotional lines such as 'You haven't seen horror until you've seen it live' and 'Keep telling yourself it's only a show', the feeling was the writers and producers had taken the scary elements of film, and transported them very successfully into a live show. Now it seems like they've turned the tables and taken that show into the cinema.

Jeremy Dyson is one of the creators and writers behind The League of Gentlemen, though he doesn't perform on screen. Whilst Andy Nyman pops up in all manner of acting roles on TV, but perhaps might best be known for being one of the writers and producers of the Derren Brown TV shows.

'Ghost Stories' tells the story of Professor Philip Goodman, a TV celebrity, lecturer and debunker of all things paranormal. As a child, he'd been a big fan of a 70s TV celebrity who was also involved in debunking the paranormal, but who had disappeared at the height of his fame. Professor Goodman is then amazed when this man contacts him to state that he'd disappeared due to his finding out that perhaps, after all, there might be some truth to this paranormal business!

The film follows Professor Goodman investigating three old cases that could not be explained at the time:
A city trader, played by Sherlock's Martin Freeman, who believed he'd been haunted by a poltergeist.
A schoolboy, played by Alex Lawther, who'd had a fright driving home.
A night-watchman who'd seen a terrible vision, played by Paul Whitehouse, who you'd normally find performing comedy.

These three distinct tales are joined together in a way which becomes more noticeable as the film progresses. As fans of horror films, the paranormal, and in particular, ghosts, this film has been on our radar for a number of months.

It was shown to very positive reviews at the London Film Festival in 2017. Reviews included "A barnstormer of an entertainment, a fairground ride with dodgy brakes", "A masterclass", "Absolute genius. Unlike anything you've seen before. 10/10", and "British horror hasn't been this deeply unsettling in many years".

We can't wait until the film goes on general release in the UK on April 13th. Yes, that's Friday, April the 13th.

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