'God Versus Aliens': A New Documentary Exploring The Intersection Of Faith, Society & UFOs

August 08, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ UFOsDocumentaries
God Versus Aliens
Photo: © Mark Christopher Lee
In an age where the headlines are buzzing with talk about Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs) and possible disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial life, a new documentary by Mark Christopher Lee delves into the profound questions surrounding the impact of such disclosure on society and religion.

"God Versus Aliens" premieres on AYOZAT (Sky channel 186) at midnight on Thursday, August 10, and will be available on Amazon Prime shortly after. You can watch the trailer for a glimpse into this intriguing exploration below...

Mark Christopher Lee, the creator of "God Versus Aliens," explained the inspiration behind the documentary in an extensive conversation with Steve Higgins. According to Mark, the recent news stories and potential of disclosure were strong motivators to tackle this subject.

"The main premise of the film is to tackle the debate about these issues surrounding disclosure that society will have to face quite soon. We're all talking about disclosure, but no one's like saying, what would be the consequences of disclosure?" said Mark.

The film also includes commentary from Mark, who scripted and narrated the documentary. Drawing from his background in science and a longstanding interest in the paranormal, he shared insights into his curiosity about how potential disclosure might affect society and the world's religions.

'God Versus Aliens' aims to ask rather than answer questions, presenting a nuanced and impartial view. It explores various theories regarding the reasons behind the government's secrecy on the subject, the impact on religious beliefs, and the potential societal impact.

Mark spoke to the potential clash between faith and the existence of extraterrestrial beings, mentioning an interview with Reverend Daniel Thompson, who surprisingly sees no problem with ETs being part of God's creation. Nick Pope, also featured in the film, pondered the possibility that aliens might bring their religions with them, leading to a "reverse colonialism."

The film goes beyond the conventional ideas of aliens coming from outer space. Mark referred to John Keel's ultra-terrestrial theory, suggesting that these beings might be already among us. They could be from a different dimension, feeding us what we need to see, leading to various cultural interpretations of the phenomena over time.

Mark also discussed the idea of AI-driven crafts, a theory put forward by Avi Loeb from Harvard University. The documentary explores the possibility of AI clones and the implication of alien AI beings bypassing humans and contacting our AI.

According to Mark, the disclosure that "we are not alone" could have a colossal impact on society, though perhaps not as dramatic as 'War Of The Worlds'. The film also explores how major institutions like the Catholic Church might cope with such a paradigm shift.

"Some people have suggested that this sort of stuff is already in the Vatican's secret archives," Mark added.

'God Versus Aliens' serves more as a conversation opener than a conclusion-drawer. By exploring evidence from historical texts, engaging with experts like Seth Shostak, the chief astronomer of SETI, and presenting a balanced view, it invites viewers to contemplate a complex and multifaceted issue.

"Yeah, it doesn't really draw a conclusion. It's quite balanced," Mark concluded.

The documentary promises to be an essential watch for those interested in the intersection of science, faith, and the unknown, offering a grounded and thoughtful perspective on questions that have captured the human imagination for generations.

Don't miss the opportunity to watch "God Versus Aliens." The documentary premieres on AYOZAT (Sky channel 186) at midnight on Thursday, August 10, and will be coming to Amazon Prime soon after.

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