Can You Identify These Famous Haunted Locations Quiz

May 16, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormal
From Tudor manor houses, gothic mansions, historic pubs, Victorian hospitals and medieval castles, would you be able to recognise some of the UK's most haunted places?

Take a look at these photos of 20 of the most haunted places across the UK and see how many you can name in this haunted locations quiz.
Living Room 30 East Drive, Pontefract

1. It's said to be the most haunted house in the UK.

2. A castle haunted by a blue boy.

3. This haunted castle is now in ruins.

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The Mermaid Inn, East Sussex

4. The ghost of a lady wearing white has been seen sitting in a chair next to a fireplace.

5. This is inside of one of the most haunted locations in Wales.

6. What is the name of this haunted city centre hotel?

7. A grim underground location.

The Schooner Hotel
Photo: © EoRdE6

8. Name this haunted hotel.

9. How about a pint in this haunted pub?

Paranormal Lockdown UK - Shepton Mallet Prison

10. Fancy a night behind bars?

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Woodchester Mansion

11. Name this abandoned manor house.

Cardiff Royal Infirmary

12. This haunted hospital featured in an episode of Doctor Who.

13. A network of caverns once used for occult rituals.

14. A haunted hospital that was once an orphanage.

Haunted Bodmin Jail, Cornwall

15. What is the name of the historic haunted prison?

16. A haunted building in London's theatre district.

One of the main passageways through Drakelow Tunnels.

17. A former government wartime hideout.

18. What is the name of this haunted house?

Highgate Cemetery, London

19. Where are these eerie graves?

Derby Gaol

20. Here's another haunted jail.


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