Having A Ghost In Your House Can Increase Its Value By £50k

October 13, 2021 8:00 PM ‐ Paranormal
39 De Grey Street, Hull
Things going bump in the night in your family home is generally considered to be a negative, but it's been revealed that having a resident spook can dramatically increase the value of your house when it comes to selling.

The research into haunted property prices was carried out by Inventorybase, who found that having a famous haunting in a house could make it worth on average 18% more than similar properties in the area.

The study looked at some of the most famous haunted houses in the UK, including the house in Enfield which was home to one of the best-known poltergeist cases of all time, 39 De Grey Street in Hull which was the focus of a 2018 episode of the ghost hunting show 'Help! My House Is Haunted', and a small house known as The Cage in Essex which is said to be haunted by the ghosts of long-dead imprisoned witches.

The findings come after the recent revelation that over in the US, the house that inspired the first movie in James Wan's Conjuring series has been put up for sale by its current owners for $1.2 million.

The house in Rhode Island last changed hands in 2019 when Jenn and Cory Heinzen took over the property costing them $439k. This means that in just two years the rural farmhouse has jumped up by a massive $761k. Since 'The Conjuring' was released in 2013, what's driven the recent price rise of this 300-year-old house?

The original Conjuring movie wasn't shot at the real house, but since 2019 its new owners have opened the house up to countless paranormal teams including Zak Bagans and his team from the US television show, 'Ghost Adventures'. All this attention around the real house behind 'The Conjuring' story has helped to boost its haunted reputation and in turn its value.
Harrisville Farmhouse From The Conjuring

When 'The Conjuring 2' was released in 2016, moviegoers were terrified by another true-life ghost story, this time round set here in the UK. The movie revolves around the famous case of the Enfield Poltergeist, one of the best documented cases of a haunting ever. The haunting took place over the course of 14 months at a three bedroom council house at 284 Green Street in North London from August 1977.

Although 'The Conjuring 2' isn't filmed at the house, and unlike the Rhode Island house its current owners don't entertain ghost hunters, the value of the house has still rocketed to more than 30% above the local average since the movie hit the big screen. It's now valued at £431k, compared to around £330k for a similar house on the North London street.

Another haunted house in the UK has also seen a surge in value. Despite being dilapidated, the house at 39 De Grey Street is currently valued at more than double the price of other properties on the street. The home's owner, Andy Yates, moved out ten years ago due to the paranormal activity he had experienced there. The property's high valuation is probably down to the fact that it is now a popular haunt for ghost hunters, offering a good return on investment to any future owner who may want to rent it out to paranormal teams.

The paranormal activity at number 39 is said to include objects like knives moving around of their own accord and a full apparition of a girl. The ghosts of three children have been seen, but the house is said to have between 15 and 20 child spirits. There's even been reports of violent attacks in the form of scratching and even a scarf around someone's neck being tightened.

Meanwhile in the sleepy Essex village of St. Osyth, The Cage is an unassuming two bedroom cottage with a dark and sinister past, which has lead to ongoing reports of paranormal activity within its walls. The house has been put on the market a couple of times recently, but has increased to a value 17% higher than neighbouring houses.

The Cage, which is situated 60 miles from London in the heart of rural Essex, earned its nickname due to its historical use as a holding cell for witches in the 16th century. The house is one of only seven similar medieval cages left in the country and this is the only one with a house attached to it.

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