How Psychics Use Hot Reading To Appear All-Knowing

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The term "hot reading" might not be as commonly recognised as, say, tarot cards or crystal balls, but it is the technique of choice for many stage psychics. Hot reading is a technique used by some individuals claiming to have psychic abilities to give the impression that they know much more about a person than they could have known by natural means.

Hot reading is often considered deceitful and is often cited by skeptics as a reason to doubt the legitimacy of psychic claims, but it's important to remember that not all psychics or mediums use hot reading, and many swear to being genuine.

The technique involves the gathering of information about a person before a psychic reading takes place. This pre-collected information can come from various sources. It could be as simple as overhearing a conversation, researching online, or even hiring someone to find out information about the attendees of a psychic show.

Before a reading, the medium might look through the social media profiles of the people expected to attend. By doing this, they can gather significant amounts of personal information, like birthdays, anniversaries, recently deceased relatives, or even specific interests and worries. During the reading, the medium can then use this information to deliver messages that seem astonishingly accurate and personal, when in fact they are simply repeating what has been previously researched.

During psychic stage shows, which can often accommodate large audiences, the psychic may gather information about attendees beforehand through audience plants, pre-show interactions, or social media research. They might also use information inadvertently revealed by audience members as they enter the venue or interact with each other.

In one-on-one psychic readings, the use of hot reading can be even more subtle and difficult to detect. A fraudulent psychic might research the client using social media, public records, or shared acquaintances to gather personal details about their life, relationships, and past experiences. During the reading, this information is woven into the psychic's narrative, making the session seem uniquely tailored to the client.

While hot reading relies on previously gathered information, other methods used in psychic readings, notably cold and warm readings, use different approaches. Cold reading is done without prior knowledge of the client. It's a skill set that involves reading body language, picking up on social cues, making high-probability guesses, and using statements that are generally applicable but can seem very personal. Warm reading sits somewhere between hot and cold reading and involves using information that could reasonably apply to many people but seems personal. For example, the psychic might use general statistics or demographic information that is likely to resonate with the person based on their age, appearance, or even the way they dress.

While cold and warm readings rely more on the psychic's ability to observe, interpret, and react in real-time, hot readings are premeditated, relying on previously acquired detailed information, which makes them feel more underhanded and deceitful.

Hot reading involves the deliberate gathering of information about an individual without their knowledge or consent, which is then presented as if obtained through psychic abilities or communication with the spirit world. This deception undermines trust between the psychic and the client and could even be deemed a breach of privacy, as personal information is used without permission.

Hot reading can deeply affect vulnerable people looking for guidance or comfort, especially those grieving the loss of a loved one. By exploiting a person's emotional vulnerability, a psychic using hot reading can create false hope, alter memories, or even change the way a person remembers a deceased loved one. This manipulation of emotions for entertainment or financial gain is ethically questionable and can be seen as taking advantage of individuals at their most vulnerable.

From the perspective of the performer, hot reading isn't just about gathering information about individuals; it also involves remembering and recalling the correct details at the right time. This demands a strong memory and the skill to match the information with the right person during a session, especially in group settings. However, some psychics have been exposed for using concealed earpieces and receiving information from an accomplice rather than recalling it themselves.

Spotting hot reading techniques can be challenging due to the personal and detailed nature of the information presented by the psychic. However, being aware of certain signs can help you discern whether a psychic might be using pre-gathered information during their readings.

Before attending a psychic session, check your own social media profiles to remind yourself of what information about you is readily available online. If the psychic mentions specific details that you know have been shared on your social media platforms, they may have gathered this information beforehand.

Think back to any interactions you may have had before the session, including conversations with the psychic themselves or with their associates, emails exchanged, forms filled out, or even casual chats in the waiting area. A psychic using hot reading techniques may incorporate details from these interactions into the reading.

Be cautious if the psychic provides highly specific information early in the reading without any input from you. Details such as exact names, dates, and places, especially those you haven't mentioned during the session, can be red flags. Sessions where hot reading is not used typically start more generally and become specific as the reading progresses based on your responses.

If something feels off or too good to be true, trust your gut. A genuine psychic reading should feel insightful and meaningful, not like a rundown of your personal history that could easily have been researched.

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