How To Get Rid Of Your Haunted Object

June 15, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Haunted Doll
Are you being tormented by a spirit or negative energy attached to an item? Have you wondered how to best dispose of the object? Perhaps burn it, bin it or bury it?

Cursed or haunted item can take many forms, from the common haunted doll through to cursed paintings, antiques, family heirlooms, and pretty much anything else. It may be that you've inherited one of these objects unintentionally and now you're noticing a negative vibe or paranormal activity that's associated with the object.

If you feel an item is having a negative impact on your life, home or family, then the key thing to do is remove it from your life as quickly as possible. This might just mean placing the object outdoors, in a shed, garage or sealed room until you have time to deal with it properly. Just moving the item to a location where it doesn't have access to your's and your family's energy might help to quieten the item.

Even a sealed or locked box could help reduce the item's negativity and power. You might be thinking that a simple box can't hold a ghost that can walk through walls, but this is more about the intent and act of sealing and locking an item. Intent is a powerful thing if the act of sealing an entity is done with confidence and conviction.

When sealing the haunted item or moving it to a quieter and less intrusive location you should avoid touching it by either wrapping it in something, scooping it up or by wearing gloves.

The next step is to get the object out of your life for good. How to do this depends on what the item is, its size and what its made of, but also your beliefs.

If you don't mind destroying the object, then the best way to deal with it is to burn the object. Obviously this method only works for objects which are flammable. Avoid burning plastics and other materials that release potentially toxic fumes when burnt.

As fire always has been and still is used in purification rituals. The best way to burn an object is first light a fire, either outdoors or in a fireplace. Once the fire is burning well, carefully throw the object in and let it burn. Do not extinguish the fire yourself, wait for it to naturally burn out.

After the flames have died down, allow the ashes to cool down and pour salt in to the ashes, this spiritually purifying substance will ensure that the unwanted energy has completely left the remains of the object. Mix the salt and ashes together, place them in a container and bury them.

Traditionally the best way to dispose of a haunted or cursed item is to abandon it or bury it at a crossroad, this is also a good place to bury the ashes if you've decided to burn the item. Crossroads are sites where paths cross and over time many peoples' energies cross here. They are said to be very supernaturally active and a point where two realms can meet. In the UK there is a tradition of burying criminals at crossroads, those who cannot be buried in consecrated ground.

If you can't bury the item at a crossroad, then bury it away from your house, ideally in a remote location where it will not affect other people. Dig a hole as deep as you can, place the object or ashes in the hole, pour salt over it and then bury it.

The third option is to toss the item into a living body of water, like a river or the ocean. A fast flowing source of water or salt water is the best option.

We recommend careful consideration before you dispose of any items in the ways mentioned above. If the item is discoverable then it might fall into someone else's hands. In this case you haven't resolved the problem, just transferred it. You should also think about where the item is being buried or disposed of and the environmental impact of this.

Another way to deal with the object is to cleanse it rather than disposing of it. If you want to simply free the item of its spirit attachment rather than getting rid of the item completely, then the easiest method is to wash or submerge the item in holy water. If you're not religious, then instead use purified water or water from a living source like a river, lake or ocean.

Another method is to place the object on a large stone and leave it for several days in an out of the way location. This natural substance will absorb the negative energy. The stone can then be disposed of by either burying it or tossing it away in a similar way to the methods described above. A similar method involves pouring salt into your hand and passing your hand over or around the object three times, then throw the salt away or into a fire.

Another option is to give the object away. Obviously you should avoid giving it to someone without them being aware of its attachment. A good option would be to pass it on to a paranormal investigator or team who will know how to safely handle it and dispose of it for you. Once such team is run by Neil Packer. He owns and runs the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre (HAPRC) in Hinckley, Leicestershire and he and his team are well practiced with the research of haunted objects.

Neil says that most people will consider burning or binning their haunted objects, but he's offering owners of these items another option. He says, "instead of doing that why not contact HAPRC? The unique research centre that is willing to take on any object. Good or bad, and to actually conduct research in to the item. The centre is there to help anyone."

The centre and its haunted objects are a haunted hub that is frequently visited by paranormal teams who test the claims of the haunted items, all of which are stored safely and out of harms way. You can check the centre's opening times on their website and call in with your unwanted haunted items, or get in touch with Neil via the centre's official Facebook page.

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