Inside Wiltshire's Abandoned Nuclear Bunker Cannabis Farm

By Matt Scofield
January 17, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ UndergroundWeird WiltshireUrbEx

This article is more than five years old and was last updated in February 2020.

RGHQ Chilmark Bunker
Last year three mean were arrested following a raid on the RGHQ Chilmark, a Cold War government nuclear bunker in Wiltshire between Salisbury and Shepton Mallet. Police found a fortified cannabis factory built within the bunker with a crop worth an estimated street value of ยฃ1m.

The former Ministry of Defence bunker was built in the 80s to protect local government officials in the event of a nuclear attack and has been abandoned since the police raid last February.

Now a year on, urban explorers have penetrated the toughened hideout, seemingly with more ease than the police, who were forced to wait outside the bunker during their investigation waiting for its inhabitants to emerge through the reinforced blast door entrance.

The explorers who posted video on YouTube said that they found the bunker open and a ladder leading down inside, speculating that someone clearly spent a lot of time cutting through the metal bars to get in.

They warn that anyone who tries to follow in their footsteps may be disappointed as the bunker is now in private ownership and is welded up and you will not be able to gain entry, of course the bunker's blast doors are securely locked.

The gang behind the illicit visit hope that their hour-long comprehensive video will save you having to venture inside the bunker yourself.

Watch The Video Tour Of Chilmark Bunker

As you can see from the video, sadly most of the Cold War artefacts and electronics have been ruined due to the high level of humidity created by the illegal growing rooms.

The guys returned to RGHQ Chilmark a week after being tipped of by the Unseen World crew that some major changes had occurred at the former nuclear bunker.

This time armed with a drone, they surveilled the bunker from above from a safe distance and found the earth moving team had moved in and cleared the site, making it more visible from the road.

The work has taken place after being snapped up by a new owner who plans to use the bunker for storage. The secure warehousing company has also installed new security and lighting to keep their inventory safe.

Chilmark Bunker Redevelopment


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