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Most people are terrified of running into an evil entity while on a ghost hunt, but what if your aim is to provoke or summon a demon so that you can attempt to communicate with them or observe demonic phenomenon during your paranormal investigation? The following advice will help you gain the confidence to safely and sensibly invoke demons.

Traditionally demons were summoned in order to form pacts for personal gain or wealth, to get a question answered, or to curse someone with pain or suffering. Black magic practitioners and witches would use a grimoire, a textbook specifically for magic. They usually included instructions on how to do things like create protective talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells, charms and divination, and of course how to invoke supernatural entities, including demons.

Although there are some more modern grimoires, most date back to before the 16th century, some as early as the 5th century BC. Outside of ancient myth, legend and folklore, there's no evidence that any such practices worked. However, modern ghost hunters have often reported successful attempts to call forward demons as part of paranormal investigations.

You don't need any specific skills, psychic powers or experience in order to summon a demon, but the act should be performed responsibly due to a demon's tendency to attach itself to or follow those who summon it. You should always do your best to ensure that the demon returns to its own realm after the session.

To increase your chances of summoning a demon, it is important to set the mood, it's best to hold your ritual in low light or by candle light, but not complete darkness. You could also try burning some incense, but avoid burning sage as this is believed to drive evil energy away. Make sure you're comfortable, to make contact with a demon can take time and patience.

You'll need to make sure you're not distracted during the ritual, so put your phone on silent and shut pets and other distractions out of the room. As with any type of paranormal interaction, like a séance, vigil or attempt to communicate, you should make sure you are in the right head space first. You should be alert, feeling positive, confident and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It is best to attempt to summon demons between 3 and 4am, this is the witching hour, also known as "high noon" of the demonic day. Dusk till dawn, around 9pm to 5am is said to be the most paranormally active time of day, but 3am precisely is the single most active time of day.

Of course, there are countless sightings of ghosts and demonic activity not only in the dead of night but also in broad day light and lit houses, but paranormal investigators and demonologists tend to prefer to work in the dark.

Many experts believe that ghosts and demons are a form of psychic energy. It's claimed that in order for a demon to manifest, it needs to draw on all of its energy to become a physical, or at least visible form. The belief is that in a light environment a demon doesn't always have enough energy to manifest and become visible, its being drowned out by surrounding energy fields. Occasionally a demon will be strong enough to overcome this barrier and manifest in the daytime but generally it is more difficult.

The effect is similar to the principle that a radio has better reception at night, you'll find you're able to pick up radio stations from further away. This is because during the day, solar radiation from the sun ionises our atmosphere. This heavy ionisation in the atmosphere is known to drown out certain forms of electrical activity such as radio and television broadcasts and it's this same energy which is reducing demonic manifestation.

The Evocation Ritual

Witchcraft Voodoo Ritual

Invoking a demon might sound daunting, but it can be as complicate and ritualist or as simple as you want it to be. It could be as easy as eliminating distractions by sitting alone in a darkened room and asking the demon to come forward.

It's important to remember that demons are unpredictable by nature so you should avoid angering or antagonising them at all cost, not because they might hurt you but in order for them to cooperate with you. Be sure to treat the demon with honesty and respect, always be polite and most importantly don't make demands or command the demon, you should only make requests.

Evocation involves asking demons to come forward by calling out to them. This is when a paranormal investigator speaks aloud in an attempt to encourage any spirits or demons which might be present to communicate with them or show themselves. The classic ghost hunter's trope is, "hello, is anybody there?"

When trying to contact demonic entities, you need to be a little more specific, you should call out encouragement to any demons that can hear you to come forward. If a demon has previously identified itself to you, then the best way to do this is to call it by name, as a demon's name holds power.

Under normal circumstances you should never say a demon's name aloud, it can be taken as an invitation by the demon. Of course, in this situation it is intend as an invite, so repeat the name over and over. When you feel the time is right, you should start to recite words or incantations that are meaningful to you. The power isn't so much in the specific words you are saying, but the belief behind them. If you know the demon's name, you should use it in these incantations.

You could try phrases like:
In the name of Satan, open the gates of hell and greet me, come forward, show us you're here.
I invite the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon me.
Come forward forces of darkness and greet me.
I invoke thee Astaroth.

Once a demon makes its presence known, you should tell it exactly why you have summoned it. You need to get the demon on your side and chances are you're not the first paranormal investigators on their patch. They might already feel like a performing monkey. Demons are unlikely to be happy existing for no other purpose than to amuse you, so tell them you're not here to mock them and that you want to communicate. Ask the demon if they need help or have a message, ask them to show them a sign they are here so that you can talk to them, perhaps even to help them move on.

Demonic entities are usually only able to give very subtle clues to the fact that they are present. They might use our energy to communicate through a Ouija board, knock over an object, tap on a hard surface, or make a sound in someone's ear. It's unusual to hear a loud noice, a clear voice, or see an object deliberately being moved for any sustained period of time.

So, we can assume that demons have to muster up a lot of energy in order to give us these signs. Therefore you should thank the demon for their efforts if they do something that you've asked them to do. Give them encouragement, let them know that what they've shown you is great, but ask them to do a little more if they can.

Be sure not to shut the session down prematurely. One common mistake is to say things like "give us a sign that you're here, then we'll leave you alone." To be true to your word, if the demon does then give you a sign then you're going to have to pack up and end your investigation. Otherwise you'll have lied and the demon is unlikely to trust you again or do as you ask.

At this point you might want to switch to another method of communication such as a Ouija board, a spirit box, a digital audio recorder in order to capture EVPs or any other method you are comfortable using. This might enable you to have a more meaningful conversation with the demon. Below is a list of example questions and phrases that you can use to try to encourage the demon to communicate with you. You shouldn't copy these exactly, it is better to be yourself and talk in a natural and open way as you normally would.

If you can hear me, tap on the floor.
Can you make a noise to let us know you are here with us?
If you're here can you show yourself to me?
Can you make a noise?
Can you throw something?
Can you copy me? [then tap on a surface or whistle]
My name is XXX, can you tell me your name?
Tell us who you are, introduce yourself please.
If there's somebody here with us now, can you walk towards us?
Are you happy for us to be here? Two taps for yes, one for no.
Can you come and talk to us?

Of course, if you establish a dialogue with a demon then you can ask more in depth questions. Try to ask questions that no one in the room would know the answers to so you can rule out fakery or people subconsciously effecting the outcome.

After The Ritual

Smudging With Sage

Once your session with the demon comes to an end, you should do all you can to ensure that the demon is not still present in that location. Even if you think think you were unsuccessful, you should still take the precaution as there is always the chance that you successfully called something forward but it refused to interact with you.

If you are using a Ouija board then it is advised to close the board by moving the planchette to the word "goodbye". You should physically slide the planchette across the board to "goodbye", this will ensure that any demons that have been called forward won't follow you after the session.

It is also a good idea to forcefully tell the demon that it must not remain. When ending the session, simply call out to the demon and say something like, "thank you for making yourself known to me this evening. You must now return to the realm you came from, you cannot stay here."

You can also use one of a few cleansing and protective techniques commonly employed by ghost hunters. One of which is to use burning sage to drive away demons and evil energy after the session. Sage can be bought in a pre-wrapped bundle of known as smudge sticks.

Some paranormal investigators and mediums carry a form of spiritual protection with them, such as Evil Eye jewellery, a religious symbol, or something else which makes them feel safe and secure. It doesn't really matter what the object is, if you feel strongly about it then the belief is that it is charged with your positive energy.

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