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This article is more than three years old and was last updated in February 2020.

Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team embark on their second paranormal investigation exclusively for their YouTube channel. The online-only episode, labeled a 'Most Haunted Short' see the gang return to the infamous Shrewsbury Prison.

The team last spent the night in the former prison on Halloween night in 2016. It followed an exciting three-part investigation of the prison in Shropshire when a crowbar was thrown several times, on one occasion only just missing Yvette.

Based on this activity, Yvette once swore she would never return to the prison. She explained this was because HMP Shrewsbury is "so terrifying and potentially violent."

Perhaps this violent activity relates to the prison's grim past of misery, incarceration and judicial executions. The earliest prison was built on this site in 1793 and is now buried underground and used as nothing more than a conduit for pipes and cables that served the newer prison building above.

The prison we see today has stood since 1877 and has housed both men and women up until 1922, when C-Wing was shut to female inmates and opened up to vulnerable prisoners, those who needed to be isolated from the general population in A-Wing and B-Wing.

Just about every room and corridor has its own tales of paranormal activity. The hanging room was used until 1961, and was then converted into a group session room. This is said to be a very active area, possibly due to its location next to the condemned cell and with the mortuary is underneath it.

This time around Yvette braves the back rooms on her own. A labyrinth of seemingly never ending corridors, where the prisons padded cells, mortuary, condemned cells and even the execution room are.

Meanwhile, Karl and Stuart investigated A-wing, which is said to be the most haunted part of the prison, perhaps due to its dark history of suicides resulting in sad, angry souls being trapped between this world and the next. Most of those who took their own live did so on A-wing, at one point there was one a week.

The team experienced a range of activity from knocks bangs, footsteps and even a physical attack on Stuart Torevell, who was floored after being hit in the stomach by an unseen force.

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