Mythical Creatures Trivia Quiz

June 18, 2017 8:03 AM ‐ GamesMythical Creatures
Do you know the difference between a unicorn and a minotaur? Could you pick the right items to protect yourself from a vampire or a werewolf? How clued up are you on the history of bigfoot and Loch Ness monster sightings?

Prove yourself as a true monster hunting expert with this mythical creatures quiz, ten monstrously hard questions from beasts from around the world.

1. According to the Harry Potter books, what colour is unicorn's blood?

2. Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin famously claimed to have caught which beast on video in 1967?

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3. Which of these is said to ward off werewolves?

4. In which of these location would you be most likely to find the kraken?

Loch Ness Monster

5. In which year was the first recorded sighting of Scotland's Loch Ness Monster?

6. Medusa's gaze could turn a man to stone, but what was her hair made out of?

Highgate Vampire

7. Which of these items would NOT repel a vampire?

8. A minotaur has the torso of a human but which creature's legs and head do they have?

9. Which British saint is best known for slaying a dragon?

10. Which ancient civilisation does the myth of the phoenix comes from?


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