Are Parallel Universes Behind Paranormal Realities?

By Marshall Barnes
December 22, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTime TravelScienceLong Reads

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Paranormal Vortex Portal In Forest
Around this time each year research and development engineer, Marshall Barnes, gives us an update on his research into parallel universes and his progress in developing time travel. In his latest fascinating article below, he tells us how the existence parallel universes could be the cause of paranormal phenomenon.
For years now, it has been speculated that there could be a connection between the paranormal and the math and sciences connected to concepts of higher dimensions.

Starting in the mid 1800s with the discovery of 4th dimensional mathematics by Bernhard Reimann, Charles Hinton and Edwin Abbott, those involved in spiritualism and ghosts drew parallels between the descriptions of the concept of a 4th dimensional space and the spirit realm. Hinton's first published essay. "What Is the Fourth Dimension?," which appeared in 1880 in the Dublin University Magazine was finally published as a pamphlet, by Swann Sonnenschein & Co. in 1884 with the subtitle Ghosts Explained. Later, those parallels were drawn in with various aspects with quantum mechanics and finally, with the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

There seems to have been a temptation to pursue such connections, usually on the part of non-scientifically trained individuals in pursuit of at least a rational sounding explanation for their beliefs.

The problem however, with the parallel universes explanation for ghosts comes down to the circumstances under which they are manifested. A classic haunted house, where a ghost is sighted doing the same thing repeatedly, would not be the case since at issue would be in what parallel universe does anyone ever do that? It must be remembered that invoking parallel universes to explain the paranormal isn't the same as invoking a paranormal explanation to explain the paranormal. It's physics. So in one universe a person is dead and in the other they're alive. Well, a house that's been haunted for centuries can't be explained with parallel universes because in all universes that person would be dead.

In the case of much more recent events, such as a death, there could be a parallel universe explanation for some phenomena that would be caused because of something called a bleed through, where energies, actions, etc, travel from one parallel universe to another because the two were never fully separated or what is called, decohered. If the ghost is of someone that lived and died, the idea of catching a glimpse of them in an alternate reality where they didn't die only works if plausibly they could still be alive. That rules out all parallel universe "hauntings" that would exceed a person's normal life span. Incredibly, it is increasingly becoming possible to prove this point.

As many have previously noted, the concept of parallel universes has been subject to a lack of empirical evidence as there seemed to be no way to prove their existence, a sentiment expressed by physicist Mir Faizal while working on his attempt to discover what he called real universes in higher dimensions from his theory of "gravity's rainbow".

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Well, that's over. Beginning in 2016 I began a series of experiments testing a new interpretation of the famous delayed choice experiments as an exhibition of the Everett Interpretation of quantum physics.

German astrophysicist Rainer Plaga had predicted that a positive result when testing for such a concept would be observing an effect without an apparent cause because the cause was in a world next door. I was able to document exactly such results repeatedly, using a classic which-way-path set-up and a laser where I would record evidence of laser activity in between a series of laser pulses, when the laser hadn't been fired. The activity was specifically laser "hits" with no laser entering the frame prior to the hit. An exact hit in a detection area without cause. As I have written before, as has reporter John Brandon, there is a wave of evidence beginning to not only support the idea of parallel universes from quantum mechanics but also as a result, the possibilities for physical time travel.

Just on National Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day (December 8th in the US) a new study was released, A Special Report:Temporal Escape promoting the suggestion of the funding of continued time travel research that could deliver the ultimate escape from extinction level events that threaten the world - far superior in every way to space travel.

With all of these developments taking place in the research field of parallel universes, there is no safety in the thought that, although mathematically they may be possible, there's no way to test them. That argument is over. What remains now is an investigation as to how these parallel universes may interact with each other, which then introduces the possibility of paranormal effects.

My personal experience with the paranormal in terms of ghosts and hauntings has been close to nonexistent and I don't chase activities in that world despite having the guilty pleasure of being a, Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, fan. What I have had plenty of experience with are buildings that seem to exist "multidimensionally". These are usually not houses but office buildings, and warehouses that have the feeling of actually existing somewhere else. In fact one of the most dramatic of these was a Sheraton hotel that had been closed and rumored to be slated for demolition. It was a venue that I had been to many times for multiple reasons. After concert parties and meet-ups, weddings and more. In fact Prince, Todd Rundgren, Nancy Wilson, actor Paul Lynn, and many other celebrities had stayed there. When I saw its revolving doors all chained up, it wasn't just sad, it seemed like an emergency situation. While it was slated to be torn down, I felt like it was actually - still open.

Without going into the long story, I told a fellow adventurer at the time, into the exploration of the extreme implications of quantum theory and the "new physics," about my feelings which had gotten so strong that I was considering scaling the hotel's outside wall one night and getting to the 5th floor outdoor swimming pool which would then give access to exploring the views through the glass door into the hallways from the outside. Who knows? Perhaps those doors would even be unlocked since everything on the ground floor was chained denying all access from that level anyway. My friend talked me out of it, however, even though I reasoned it wouldn't be breaking and entering if we got caught, just trespassing, but there was an undeniable feeling that the hotel was still open, even if we couldn't see it! I refused to recognize the current state it was in, though I was startled on the day it was announced that the hotel had been purchased Adamsmark and would be renovated and opened. When it did reopen, I was there to see it all again. Eventually it was purchased by the Sheraton corporation again and so went full circle.

Had I simply seen the future, that the hotel wouldn't be demolished? I don't think so. First of all, I had no visions per se and besides the changes that had been made, in terms of the renovations and decor, each time were things I never imagined. No. I had felt a presence, the fact that despite it being closed, the hotel was still open, if only in some parallel universe overlay somehow. I think that although we were led to be believe that it would be torn down, the fact that it wouldn't be, boosted the energy of the place to the point that I was able to sense it. In strict quantum physics terms, in other branches of the universe the hotel was torn down, but for some reason I was located in a branch where it wasn't going to be demolished so my sensitivity to the branch where it hadn't even been closed, was very strong. I'm not the only one that has had this kind of experience.

There was a warehouse/office complex that I used to have a lab in. Four stories of brick with a basement under the entire structure and outlaying buildings and two warehouse wings. In much the same way I felt drawn to the old Sheraton hotel, I know of two other people, who don't know each other, who both tell stories of being drawn to this building. The one was a woman in her 30s who had attended a rave party there and swears that she saw herself there amongst the crowd.

"Do you believe that we have doubles in parallel universes?" she asked me out of the blue one day. She didn't even know that I had a background in parallel universe research. "I sold my house and moved in there.", she admitted. "I felt I needed to be close to it. There's something there. I can feel it. It's connected to some place else…"

That old building had a variety of effects on people. Some just detected that it had an odd vibe if they just paid attention to how it made them feel. Others had extreme responses. Like fear and not wanting to be alone there. But there were never any incidents. No wraiths, no apparitions, no disembodied voices, or nothing else that would make you think of haunting. Yet, when my friend Chris visited my lab one afternoon, I showed him around the grounds and happened to mention my desire to attempt to open a portal there.

"It's not a question of if you can open one or not," he noted dryly as he looked around. "It's a question of if you can close it. There's already one open here..."

The other person I didn't meet until the building in question was torn down. This person is an African immigrant who used to ride his bike with his friends past the building on their way somewhere else. The person (I'll call him Ahmad) told me that the more he saw the building as he passed by, the more it seemed to pull his attention. Finally he stopped just riding by but started to stop and look at it and as he did, he said it seemed like it called to him, suggesting that he come inside. The feeling eventually became so strong that he wanted to break in as the building was always locked since it contained primarily private businesses, studios and warehouse space run by people not doing business open to the public. At night especially, it was kept locked-up even though many times there were people there, working on projects. We didn't want strangers sneaking in and then causing trouble.

Now, I'm beginning to work out of a different building, almost new, and on this site there have been some of the most dramatic incidents that I've experienced. One outstanding feature is that they have occurred in front of multiple witnesses.

I've seen shadow people there including one that appears similar to the famous "Hat Man". These sightings included simultaneous observations on security cameras and direct sightings. When I say "shadow people" I want to be clear - I'm talking about the original ones, that people used to talk about that would just appear mysteriously and then disappear, usually not even noticing that they have been observed. In no way do I mean the sinister, threatening ones hyped later by Heidi Hollis. One I saw walking out of a wall in the main hallway, crossing the hall and disappearing through the opposite wall about 10 feet down the hall. I happened to be outside looking into the lobby where a large monitor showing a view of all the security cameras was in full view. I started looking at the monitor and then suddenly caught a glimpse of the figure pull the same stunt again and then vanish for good. Although I've seen shadow people and even "critters" in a number of places, I don't know what they are or where they are actually coming from and none of them have been sinister or threatening, as the phenomena promoted by Heidi Hollis, with their red eyes and frightening mannerisms.
Storage Hall Doors Roller Shutter

An assistant manager at this facility quit her job without warning or explanation after confiding in me that she felt uneasy at times in the building. I believe I've encountered what may have been behind her departure. On several occasions I have heard a storage unit door being opened but not heard it close. Upon inspection, there were no doors open. Now, these are metal, roll up doors that are not subtle once they're being opened or closed. They're loud. If she had heard one of those doors being opened and, upon investigating found none of them disturbed, it might have caused her to just quit her job. I heard it myself on three occasions. The third time the building manager was there and between the two of us we could find no cause.

I had no problem getting him to believe me because he had witnessed phenomena himself. For example, he was standing in the lobby and heard the front door open, triggering the "Door Open" voice alert. When the door opens or closes, it also lightly scrapes the floor, making an easily audible sound. He heard both. The only problem was that he was looking right at the front door and it hadn't budged. In addition to that, if the door opened and made a scraping sound, then it would've done the same when it closed back but didn't. So, he's looking at the door, sees that it doesn't open but hears it and the "door open" alert but doesn't hear it close. Could it be that a bleed through occurred and then stopped before the observed phenomena here was completed. In other words before the door closed? Think of times when you may have experienced a phone call where someone else's conversation bled through momentarily and then disappeared without warning.

Another phenomena that we've seen in this building has to do with one of the two elevators. There's a button to push if you're stuck in the elevator which will beep when it's pushed and a light will come on. The button then contacts the manager by phone or a third party firm who will answer the call and check your condition and send for help. The light will flash when help is on the way. On several occasions, both individually and together, that button has gone off right in front of us without either one of us even being near it in the elevator. On one occasion it happened when we weren't even on the elevator but were within ear shot of the button's beep sound. The odd thing is that when it happens, no one is contacted like they're supposed to be. So, no one pushes the button but the beep goes off and the light comes on but then no one responds when it does. One night some college kids got trapped in the elevator and were able to use the button to contact help, so we know how it works and that it does work.

We've also had very dramatic incidents where suddenly there would be a loud crashing boom, somewhat akin to the sonic booms that used to happen in the U.S. in the '50s and early '60s as jet planes would break the sound barrier. The booms we would hear at the building were so loud, the building shook. I haven't noticed them recently, but when they were happening more frequently, no explanation could be found for them.
Marshall Barnes Facility At Dark
Perhaps, the most stunning event so far was witnessed just by me alone. One night I was packing up to take an extended trip and was taking something with me from the storage facility. All of a sudden I felt a flow of energy coming down a hall. It made no sound but I could feel it and ducked down a side hall to avoid it as the power increased. It was flowing from a window at the end of the hall and then terminating at the wall at the hall's end. There it just seemed to disappear into the wall. The window at the end of this hall tends to be highly reflective at night, turning into a mirror of the hall. So there's the mirror image of the hall with some kind of energy flowing out of it and into the hall. As far as I know it only happened to me and it only happened once. So far...

The same as the bizarre symbol I found carved on the floor of one of the empty units that I looked at because of a planned expansion of my operation (see below). I determined that it would've been easier to carve it in the cement when it was wet, rather than dry and hard, but the biggest question is, why? The symbol almost looks like a swastika but is not. Instead, what it is a perfect symbol for the concept of torsion, which means rotation, spinning or twisting, as does the swastika although that's not a well known fact. I've discussed this with researcher Joseph P. Farrell, author of books such as Brotherhood of the Bell and Secrets of the Unified Field.
Marshall Barnes Torsion Image

The question is how is it that someone decides to carve such an obtuse symbol in a floor of a unit in a storage facility? That particular unit is the only one with any kind of markings and this is not some occult graffiti. Instead, it's of a scientific symbol denoting a brute force measure that would lead to the pleating of the fabric of spacetime itself, resulting in a portal or wormhole of some kind. But there's more - the symbol for rotation, spinning, or even vortexes, has been the spiral, a design found around the world, going back for centuries. The show, Ancient Aliens, has documented this fact in many of their programs. So whoever carved that symbol had not only knowledge of special physics but they knew how to draw it to differentiate it from the common visualizations to indicate their level of sophistication. Of course there's no answer to the big question - WHY?

All of these things which make them different from hauntings are what makes it more likely that what is being dealt with is what is called in underground community for this kind of phenomena, a strong overlay, where phenomena from somewhere else manifests here. It could be anything from just a vibe that you feel, to actual physical manifestations.

What I want to stress is that all of these kinds of events, unless induced through a brute force method, such as a electromagnetically produced vortex, are seamless, meaning they just happen, they're just there, without warning. Think of stories you hear about timeslips. Someone is walking along and then suddenly they realize that they aren't where they were - the geography is different or the people are dressed oddly. This is an indication that all these phenomena are related in some way.

Furthermore, there is now a theory that would support such a position. Professor Howard Wiseman and Dr Michael Hall from Griffith’s Centre for Quantum Dynamics, and Dr Dirk-Andre Deckert from the University of California, have formulated what they call the "many interacting worlds" interpretation of quantum mechanics. Although the idea that parallel universes can still be "weakly connected" after the splitting or decoherence has occurred, has been considered highly controversial, it's been given new life through the work of Wiseman, Hall and Andre-Deckert. I do want to stress, however, that such a theory doesn't mean that time travel paradoxes are somehow suddenly relevant then. They aren't and nothing from this theory suggests otherwise.

As a result of this continuous connectivity, it isn't too much of a stretch to visualize the ability to be transported or translated from one world to another. All it takes is for two worlds to be connected at one moment and then they aren't anymore and you've wandered beyond the overlapped point. It might be what's behind those mysterious disappearances that have been reported by researcher, David Paulides.
Paranormal Vortex

This is where I will share a new discovery with you that came about as I was writing this. I believe I've partially solved the torsion symbol. I mentioned, the use of the spiral symbol to represent the concept of vortexes and portals. What if we're dealing with something different here than just the idea of a vortex and hence requiring something of a more sophisticated nature to communicate? That possibility has become apparent with further research and the realization that a simple twist or rotation, through a higher dimension or hyperspace, has been a concept theorized for a number of decades now to mathematically describe a kind of translation from one level of reality to another.

In such a case a mere twist and not a spiral, would be the proper analogy. The simple and limited depiction that symbol represents would fit the attempt to denote just the idea of a twist and not the continuous rotation that the other well known symbols do. This indicates that this is far beyond any mere random association with the occult or ancient aliens. This is a classic indication of something from a parallel universe that is in possession of special knowledge differentiating from the norm.
Fred Alan Wolf - The Necker Cube
There is also a direct connection between myself and this line of thinking. The man who was my informal quantum physics mentor, famed author and physicist, Fred Alan Wolf, was the first to note that the Necker cube can use the perception of flipping or shifting is you look at it a certain way (see photo). The Necker cube is a basic line drawn cube but can appear to shift perspectives back and forth. Wolf says it mimics the behavior of a quantum wave function.

As it would turn out, I later realized and documented that those "shifts" occur by 90 degrees, the same number of degrees represented by a right angle and it is mathematically viewed that parallel universes split off at right angles to each other and 90 degrees is the most common motion that would encompass a "twist" as opposed to a full turn or rotation, which would be 360 degrees.

In other words, regardless of where that symbol is from, because of its design, there is zero doubt what its significance is, which in part begs the question - where is it from? As things would have it, I think I just learned where, but I'll save it for another Higgypop article, as the evidence for this is physical and requires time to collect it all.

So, can the paranormal be explained as manifestations from parallel universes? The verdict seems to be yes and no, or rather - it just depends on a case by case basis. Ghosts are not actually a good fit for that model but clearly other phenomena could be - which would be interpreted otherwise by others to be evidence of hauntings or some kind of ghostly activity. It just depends.

One thing is for sure - these research areas are now overlapping increasingly - not just through theory, but physical experiments and technology. Many items used by the paranormal researchers now are also useful in detecting or experimenting with anomalous physics with no intended connection with ghost hunting.

The proposed ZeitNauts project, which will explore sites exactly like those described here but with technology purposed to induce extreme responses, is but one example of this where the standard ghost hunters gear - which consists of devices used to detect electromagnetic fields and things beyond the ordinary visual spectrum of light are used to detect exactly that - electromagnetic fields and things beyond the ordinary spectrum of light - and not ghosts.

With next year being declared the International Year of Time Travel Science and increasing scrutiny being given to the idea of parallel universes, the day is not far when those aspects of the paranormal that are grounded in the physics of parallel universes, will be laid bare and thoroughly explained. The only question is will the world be prepared for what's next?

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Marshall Barnes is an American research and development engineer who specialises in time travel. You can find out more about his work through his blog and social media profiles:

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