Generating & Detecting Scalar Waves & Their Influence On The Paranormal

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Defining scalar waves and examining whether artificially generated waves could cause paranormal phenomenon, or are scalar fields a detectable result of genuine paranormal activity?

Electromagnet Induction Coil
When starting your journey researching scalar waves from a paranormal perspective, the first obstacle is getting a clear definition of what a scalar wave is.

Scalar waves aren't accepted by mainstream science, which means there are a lot of conflicting theories, ideas and definitions about what they are. Put simply...
"A scalar wave is an electromagnetic wave with no net direction of travel."
To expand on that definition we need to go back to basics and talk about the different types of waves.

First, there's transverse waves which produce the common wavy waveform that you'll be familiar with. In transverse waves the vibrations are at right angles to the direction of wave travel.

Normal electromagnetic waves like visible light, infrared, microwaves and radio waves are all examples of transverse waves.

Then there's longitudinal waves. These are harder to visualise as the vibrations are parallel to the direction of wave travel.

This is because they are pressure waves that travel through a medium, like the air, water, or a solid object. It's actually the body it's passing through that vibrates. The most common type of longitudinal wave are sound waves. A speaker vibrates which pushes and pulls the air between the speaker and you. Inside your ear the air vibrates your ear drum and you hear the sound.

This is why in space no one can hear you scream, because there's no air to transmit the sound. However light, a transverse wave, can travel through the vacuum of space, this is because it is a flow of particles called photons that are hurtling through space.

A light bulb emits photons of light. A speaker vibrates the air in front of it.
Longitudinal Wave & Transverse Wave

Scalar waves are said to be longitudinal electromagnetic waves. It's for this reason that the concept hasn't been adopted by mainstream science because a longitudinal wave is the movement of pressure or vibration through a medium, where as an electromagnetic wave is a flow of particles that act like a wave.

So, if a scalar wave generator produced a flow of particles, these particles would move as a transverse wave. If the scalar wave moved longitudinally then it must be a pressure wave and cannot be electromagnetic in nature.

The concept is contradictory. One researcher summed the paradox up nicely on a forum. He wrote, "picture if you can, a naked person walking down the street with clothes on."

However, scalar theory researchers believe there is another way that an electromagnetic wave can have no net direction. They believe that a scalar wave can be created when two transverse waves come together that are out of phase. The opposing charges cancel each other out resulting in the wave lacking any net direction.

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Transverse Wave Out Of Phase

This model often gets called paired longitudinal electromagnetic waves, but it's not a transverse wave since the mechanism of the wave is still a stream of particles rather than a vibration through a solid medium. For the scalar waves to be longitudinal there would need to be some currently undiscovered medium, this could be a universal scalar field, a web of undiscovered particles, or something else beyond our current understanding of the universe. It would have to be this scalar medium that vibrates and transmits a transverse scalar wave.

Although not strictly longitudinal, these paired waves that are also called magneto-dielectric waves do successfully define scalar waves as a concept. However, the problem with this model according to mainstream science is the confusing phenomenon of wave–particle duality. Sometimes electromagnetism behaves like a wave and other times like particles, it all comes down to probability as the how the "wave" is behaving. The current scientific understanding is that two identical waves converging out of phase would be annihilated, this is called destructive interference.

We know this because of experiments conducted with light. Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and behaves in the same way as the waves we are talking about. When a pair of light waves pass through each other when exactly out of phase, destructive interference occurs. The amplitude of the resulting wave is zero and when projected at a screen dark regions can be seen whenever the waves destructively interfere.

However, "destructively" is a little misleading since we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. So where does the light go? Energy is always conserved, even in this scenario, the "missing" energy of the wave is redirected back to the source. A wave cannot have zero energy. Think of a light wave. When talking about "energy" in this case we mean the brightness, a beam of light that doesn't shine is an oxymoron.

Essentially, if you build a device which allows you to create a region where energy moves in such away that it cancels out fully, then you have created an elaborate mirror, the energy will simply bounce off the region you have created.

Despite this, scalar theory researchers say that if you cancel out the electromagnetic signals, all you have left is the scalar information, which means the wave only has an amplitude, not a direction. This is of course the definition of the scalar wave that we started with. One researcher commenting online likened the relationship between electromagnetic waves and scalar waves to that of wind and air. Wind is the movement of air, but air alone has no direction.

There is a way that these waves could still be traveling as waves must be by definition but have no net direction of travel in order to satisfy our definition of a scalar wave, and that's if we're talking about standing waves. In fact they're also known as stationary wave. Standing waves of equal amplitude and frequency moving in the opposite direction to one another create an oscillating wave fixed in space.
Transverse Standing Wave

There is president for a link between standing waves and the paranormal, but in the form of acoustic waves. In 1980, Vic Tandy, an experimental officer and part-time lecturer in the school of international studies and law at Coventry University in the UK, was working alone late one night in a lab, which has a reputation of being haunted. He reported feeling anxious and claimed he could see dark objects out of the corner of his eye, but when he turned to face the greyish blob, there was nothing there.

The next day the researcher noticed what some might describe as poltergeist activity. He was working on his fencing sword, which is made of a lightweight, flexible metal. He had the handle of the foil held in a vice on his desk, when he noticed that the blade started vibrating, even though nothing was touching it.

This lead him to the discovery that the blade was being manipulated by an invisible standing infrasound wave travelling through the air in the lab. It turned out this low frequency wave was being generated by an extractor fan. His lab was exactly half as long as the wavelength of the sound and his desk was in the centre of the room, which created a standing wave which caused the vibration of the fencing foil.

So, although a standing acoustic wave doesn't cause genuine paranormal activity and it isn't the result of anything supernatural, it can make people in the presence of this sort of acoustic waveform feel as it they are experiencing paranormal activity and could be the true cause behind many reports of hauntings.

It's not just sound waves that can act as standing waves. Electromagnetic waves do too, and of course this is a perfect match for our description of scalar waves, but there are some other properties of scalar waves which are currently commonly agreed upon by scalar theory researchers. Does this also fit in the case of an electromagnetic standing wave?

The belief is that scalar waves can pass through ordinary matter, even right through the core of the Earth and out the other side. Some go as far as saying that because there is no net direction, it doesn't take any time to propagate from one point to another, which means it could be used to deliver faster-than-light communications. Some theorise that this could also allows for a simultaneous duplex link to be formed between the transmitter and receiver.

However, there's no agreed upon scientific understanding of how this could work. The two component waves of a standing wave are still moving and the wave is still made up of particles at a subatomic level. These particles are still bound by the laws of physics even in this formation, but if scalar does represent an undiscovered branch of science, then this might explain how scalar waves could behave in this way. To gain a true understanding of the properties of a scalar wave, we'd have to know how they are formed.

Generating Scalar Waves

Copper Wire Coil

There has been a lot of debate online about how to generate scalar waves, and most of the discussion revolves around various types of unusual coils like bifilar coils and möbius coils. When an electrical current flows through a wire, it generates a circular magnetic field around the wire. It's thought that by winding a pair of wires instead of a single wire or by winding wire in a figure-eight formation the currents flowing through the cables generate two electromagnetic fields, in equal and opposite directions and therefore it cancels out.

However in order to cancel each other out the waves would have to be exactly out of phase and the forces acting exactly opposite each other. There is no way that a hand-wound coil could be precise enough to achieve an equal and opposite field in all directions.

In fact, you'd have a better chance of achieving the desired effect with a normal two core electrical cable. When two currents flow in opposite directions through a wire the magnetic fields circle around the wires in different directions. Just like two opposite poles of a magnet, the wires will repel each other. If the wires are held together in a cable flex, then the magnetic fields will cancel each other out.

What Are Bifilar & Möbius Coils?

Bifilar Coils
A bifilar coil is like any other electromagnetic coil, but in this case it is created using two strands of closely-spaced wire, which are often bonded together. Bifilar is nothing new or exotic, bifilar wire can be purchased in readymade reels. Nikola Tesla patented the bifilar coil in 1894 and used them in his groundbreaking high frequency power experiments.

Möbius Coils
This type of coil is much more technically challenging to make. It consists of four wires twisted together into a single strand with a 45 degree corkscrew. The cord is then wound into a coil using the toroidal pattern, essentially a donut shape with the first wrap of the cable serving as the core of the toroid.
It should be pretty easy to tell if this sort of coil is working properly as the magnetic field generated by a coil will affect a compass. Moving the compass close to a regular electromagnetic coil will cause the needle of the compass to be deflected. If the winding of these coils really does cancel out the electromagnetic field, then passing a compass around it will not affect the needle at all.

However, if these coil-based generators do work you would actually be creating a scalar field, not a wave. So, most of the scalar generators you see online are actually scalar field generators rather than scalar wave generators.

Whether a coil or a paired wire, it seems obvious that this isn't creating a scalar wave as such. The current is still flowing through the cable like normal and the field being generated outside the cables have been annihilated. No new type of wave or field is generated. But there are some researchers who believe that a scalar wave is a natural component of any electromagnetic field or wave which is normally swamped by the electromagnetic element until the electromagnetic components are canceled out.

This seems to be more of a belief than anything with scientific grounding, but the thought is that this scalar field has a much weaker amplitude than the rest of the electromagnetic field, but it acts as a carrier for the wave which can remain even when the electromagnetic field is cancelled out. This is probably the best theory in regards to scalar waves, but scientific evidence to support it is weak and verges into the dubious realm of zero point energy. Although it could suggest the existence of a currently unrecognised or undetectable field of science.

Others say that scalar waves can be generated using a capacitor, a device that stores electrical energy in an electric field. The energy stored inside the capacitor is electrostatic, which we can think of as potential energy. It is stored energy ready and waiting to do something, but it's not moving or flowing as a current or wave. This matches our description of a scalar wave, but its uses as a scalar wave would be limited since its confined to a capacitor or stored in a system.

Detecting Scalar Waves

Crystal Radio Receiver
Photo: © Badseed

Creating a device that can detect scalar waves is an interesting challenge, especially if the waves behave how they are said to. If scalar waves are able to pass through solid objects, including metals, then there is no way to detect them with an aerial made of metal. The waves wouldn't interact with any type of machine. The other problem is distinguishing between normal electromagnetic waves and scalar waves.

The current understanding in the scalar theory research community is that you'd have to detect scalar wave's influence by measuring more conventional fields. In fact most designs for scalar wave detectors take this approach.

They consist of a magnet or electromagnet mounted inside of a Faraday cage. The magnet induces a current in the coil which can be measured. If there is any variation in the current, then it will be detected. The apparatus is in a Faraday cage so it cannot be affected by external sources or radio interference since a Faraday cage blocks all electromagnetic waves.

This means that if something does trigger the experiment, then it must be a type of energy that can penetrate the Faraday cage - something it is believed scalar waves can do.

Some believe that you don't need an electronic detector to pick up scalar waves. There is a thought that different frequencies of scalar waves are responsible for supernatural phenomenon like telepathy and clairvoyance. So, it might be possible for mediums or those who are sensitive to be able to consciously or subconsciously pick up on scalar energy. This leads us on the scalar theory's connection to the paranormal world.

Scalar's Influence On The Paranormal World

Ghostly Figures

Some of the leading names in scalar theory research have speculated that these elusive waves could be used for everything from tapping into an unlimited source of quantum vacuum or zero-point energy, to creating a powerful super weapon - they speculate that the former Soviet Union used such a weapon for many years to modify the weather in the rest of the world. Scalar weapons have even been blamed by conspiracy theorist for the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, but scalar has also been linked to paranormal phenomenon.

Paranormal researchers believe that scalar could be the unknown energy which fuels hauntings. A high presence of scalar energy could result in poltergeist-like activity, the manifestation of apparitions, and unexplained voices or sounds. Others think that scalar waves in locations might give those visiting the location a false sense of paranormal activity. It maybe able to induce feelings of unease, nausea, and visual and auditory hallucinations.

British EVP researcher, Eamonn Vann-Harris, believes he has uncovered a link between scalar waves and unexplained voices captured in audio recordings. These voices are known as EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon. Eamonn is the inventor of various paranormal devices that can pick up EVPs.

As part of his research, Eamonn found that one of his machines was able to pick up voices inside of a Faraday cage. Since these disembodied voices were some how being transmitted to the machine through an electromagnetic shield, Eamonn knew he was dealing with a type of energy unlike any other currently used. His research lead him to scalar wave theory.

Scalar wave research is still very new and generally not accepted by mainstream science. Scalar within the paranormal world is even more specialist with just a handful of investigators experimenting with it. So, who knows where this field of research is heading.

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