Uncover The Ghosts Of Sunderland In A New Book By Steve Watson

March 30, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalBooks

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Steve Watson - Paranormal Sunderland
Steve Watson has released a new collection of tales of ghosts and spirits, all of which are said to haunt some of Sunderland's most famous landmarks.

'Paranormal Sunderland' is available now and will take you into a world of ghosts and spirits that ghost hunter, Steve, knows very well as an organiser of ghost walks in the North East of England.

The book serves as a companion to his 2021 book, 'Paranormal Newcastle', this time he's the other side of the Tyne exploring hauntings across the city from Easington to Fulwell, taking famous landmarks including the Penshaw Monument.

Sunderland's proud history encompasses its beginnings as a major centre of religious learning in the early mediaeval period and its growth into a major port and shipbuilding centre on the mouth of the River Wear. Today, the city and the surrounding Wearside area is a major centre of car manufacturing and other industries in the North East.

The book investigates the rich supernatural heritage of this city and the surrounding Wearside area, not only the well-known phenomena but also lesser-known hauntings from the past and present day including ghostly happenings at the North East Land, Sea & Air Museum on the site of an old airfield near Washington and mysterious sightings at the Phoenix Lodge, the oldest purpose-built Masonic Temple in the world, and many more.
Souter Lighthouse, Sunderland

Perhaps one of the areas best-known hauntings is that of the 23-meter-high Souter Lighthouse, which played host to Yvette Fielding and the 'Most Haunted' team in the show's first series back in 2002. After delving into the debate over whether the famous lighthouse is actually in Sunderland or in South Tyneside as some locals claim, the author got stuck into its history.

The lighthouse, which was the first electric lighthouse in the world, is known for its poltergeist activity in the form of slamming doors, phantom footsteps, and staff have witnessed items going missing. Shadowy figures and even full apparitions have been witnessed, including the figure of an old lighthouse keepers seen roaming the building.

The 96-page books is full of plenty of full-colour photos of the 27 featured haunted locations, including shots of the stunning Seaham Hall, the beautiful interiors of the Empire theatre, and the tranquil Fulwell mill.

As well as more than 80 photos, the book also includes some of Steve's own paranormal experiences at some of the haunted locations featured.

'Paranormal Sunderland' takes the reader into the world of ghosts and spirits in the city, following their footsteps into the unknown and uncovering tales of haunted places, supernatural happenings and weird phenomena.

'Paranormal Sunderland' is available from Amazon now and promises to delight the ghost hunters, and fascinate and intrigue everybody who knows Sunderland and Wearside.


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