Top 5 Jobs For Supernatural Enthusiasts & Truth Seekers

February 24, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
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If you were always interested in abnormal, you might be pleased to know that this can be a solid career choice. There are many opportunities when it comes to the world of mystery, from a career of remote journalist focusing on supernatural occurrences to a tarot reader or parapsychologist. 

Together with Jooble experts, we've gathered the most promising positions in this field. Interest in out-of-natural can lead to amazing discoveries and exciting job opportunities. These professions are perfect for people with analytical thinking, strong research skills, and a desire to always find the answer.



Although this profession doesn't necessarily associate with the supernatural, it can be one. Journalists report on news, investigate situations, and conduct interviews. One can focus specifically on the topics dealing with out-of-worldly or unexplained.

This position requires strong research and writing skills as well as an overall interest in the subject. As for the type of employment, the options may also vary. Some can choose to work for specific publishing or magazine with ghostly events being the main topics. Others can cover this in more regular titles. And some might decide to work as freelancers or start their personal blog.

Paranormal Investigator

Ghost Hunting Equipment

When you think about the abnormal, it is one of the first jobs that comes to mind. If you like to investigate events, it might be just for you. Of course, it also involves a lot of historical and on-place research. Another responsibility is communicating with eyewitnesses.

Paranormal investigators can work individually with people that believe they've experienced a haunting or saw a UFO. Another option is to partner with organizations like the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI). You'll get to work with particular technologies and tools to figure out what has happened.



Are you fascinated by stories about the Loch Ness Monster? Do you believe there are species put there that humans have not discovered? Then, cryptozoology might be the right field for you.

It combines biology and zoology to find paranormal animals. This job is based on the scientific approach and data we have on the existing species. You'll get to work with historical information and archives, as well as current witness testimonials.

This is a thrilling opportunity to investigate the possible seeing of unknown creatures. With a critical approach, one can find a scientific explanation to these mysteries or, on the contrary, prove that there is no such answer yet.



Those who are interested both in the supernatural and human psyche should consider studying parapsychology. It is a cross-disciplinary field that combines psychology and neuroscience. Professionals focus on understanding various mental phenomena and beliefs people have.

You'll work directly with people that have experienced abnormal. You'll conduct various evaluations and tests to figure out where those beliefs or memories might come from. Is there a psychological explanation or not? Each case is different.

For example, Loyd Auerbach is a parapsychology professor that teaches a course at Atlantic University. He has written several books on the matter and appeared in numerous TV and radio shows.


UFO in sky

If your particular focus of interest is in UFO, you can work as an investigator in this field. Of course, to have a fulfilling career it is better to have an academic background. But the opportunities are worth the effort. You can be employed by military organizations or governmental bodies. It is also quite possible to work independently.

The objective of the job is to investigate UFO occurrences. Based on data and evidence, it is important to understand where these objects come from. And in the case of working for the government or military, it is crucial to evaluate the possible threats.

Podcast Host

Top Paranormal Podcasts

What better way to start up a conversation about all things weird than on a podcast? The overheads for a launching your own podcast series are low. With so many USB microphones now available for laptops, tablets and smart phones, you can begin recording professional sounding audio at home in no time at all.

Whether it's an audio or video podcast, what's important is your passion for the subject at hand - the paranormal. If you talk about something you love with conviction and regularity, you should soon find people flock to listen. Podcasts are easily discoverable online and the top-performing shows are soon able to grow strong follower bases and communities. With a large audience base comes a large earning potential from advertising revenue and commercial sponsors.


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