'The Killamarsh Poltergeist' By Steve Higgins

The Killamarsh Poltergeist
Hazel and Gary Price were a normal, balanced couple living in an utterly ordinary home in Killamarsh, a village in North East Derbyshire. No pentagrams on the floor, no previous owners with a dark history, just an average house on an average street. Yet, for a time, their lives were turned upside down, as their home became a ground zero for the strange and unexplained.

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In the sanctuary of their home, the Prices found themselves grappling with bewildering phenomena that challenged their long-standing trust in logic. You'll journey through this perplexing series of events with them, witnessing everything from objects inexplicably moving to shadowy figures that are just out of focus.

This historic poltergeist case may not have all the trappings of a Hollywood nightmare, but it is a true story that the Prices will share with you in intimate detail. As we navigate through the Prices' compelling account, we'll delve into the psychological impact, skeptical explanations, and paranormal theories related to the case.

While this book probably won't give you nightmares, it will leave you scratching your head as you try to find the answers that have eluded Gary and Hazel for a decade. And as you immerse yourself further into the mysterious occurrences, an unsettling question arises: can the home you trust become the stage for the inexplicable? If it could happen to them, there's every possibility it could happen to you as well.

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