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Higgypop is a steadily growing YouTube channel popular with teenagers, attracting almost one millions views a month, mostly from within the US.

In 2016 Higgypop produced 3 hours, 41 minutes and 38 seconds worth of content in 59 videos. All together people spent a total of 15 years, 240 days watching his videos and notching up a total of 5.5 million views. Higgypop's videos were liked 30k times and he received over 32k comments. 19k new people subscribed to Higgypop's channel.

As of 2020, Higgypop has now notched up over 20 million views in total and 100k subscribers.

VIEWS: Over 500k A Month


SUBSCRIBERS: 1k To 10k In Twelve Months


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Our YouTube channel, Higgypop can work with brands, publishers and other organisation to bring their products and services to his audience in a unique, Higgypop style.

We upload one video every Friday to coincide with the weekend to maximise views from the younger end of our audience who tend to be more engaged.

Each video we upload gets mentioned on both Facebook and Twitter twice on the day of upload.

For commercial campaigns, we can also provide a promotional landing page on

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Maker Studios

We were contacted by Maker Studios, despite not being a part of their network with an offer of taking part in a commercial campaign called Cover Versions. We jumped at the chance due to the creative and fun nature of the video.

We delivered three videos to professional standard as requested. The details of the campaign are still under wraps until later in the year but look out for the video, which features five actors acting out stories based on the title of the random book.

Product Placement

JORD Wood Watch

Higgypop’s potion videos attract around 1,000 views in the first 24 hours after upload. They go on to get 10k views in the first week and before long notch and hundreds of thousands of views.

Because of the variety and range of products and props required to make a video, it’s easy to work the right product into a video to expose it to a new and engaged audience.

Case Study

We worked with JORD to promote their unique range of wooden watches. The campaign included a competition which was promoted in our video, the product was shown creatively throughout the video to maximise our audience exposure to the brand. As part of the promotion, We produced a dedicated page on our website to promote the campaign.
"I absolutely love the video! You incorporated the watch into the video perfectly, and I really want to try this potion out! I really appreciate your hard work on this!"
Chris, JORD, Inc
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* statistics correct as of August 2015.

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