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We can produce bespoke commercial content for your company or brand, include your product in a quiz or listicle, or review your service in a long-form article. We're also able to host featured posts and offer up display advertising.

Featured Articles

Expedia Bigfoot

I worked with to promote an interactive travel map that they had developed featuring the artwork of Alexandria Huntington. The map which showed the location of mythical creatures around the world was a perfect match for my website. The article was written based on a press release and the page had the interactive map embed into it leading my audience directly onto Expedia's website.

Sponsored Listicles

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Listicle are fast becoming the most popular form of content on websites, pages can be made up of blocks of text, images and/or video, either an un-numbered list,  a "top 10" countdown format or a "10 things" ascending numbered list.

Lists can include any number of items, this could include product placement or a whole sponsored list can be produced and branded with your logos and messaging.

Bespoke Interactive Quizzes

Fermented Spider Eye has an in-built quiz engine which means we can easily create custom multiple-choice games. These quizzes are highly engaging and players are often more keen to share their score on social media than they would a traditional web page.

Quiz questions can have a mix of plain text questions, photos and videos, and can have two to four multiple-choice options. At the end of the quiz, the user is given their score as well as a custom-written message tailored to their score and the specific quiz.

Product Reviews

Bill Spectre's Ghost Trails

My review of Bill Spectre's excellent walking ghost tour of Oxford quickly became one of the most shared pages on my website. Every piece of content I write is shared by me at least once on all of my social media platforms. In the case of Bill, this was enough for it to be picked up and re-tweeted/shared by many local tourist information accounts across the different platforms.

Display & Banner Advertising

Banner ad inventory is often available to purchase directly. This website supports the following ad units:

- Leaderboard (728 x 90px)
- Responsive right-hand-column MPUs
- Inline responsive ads inserted into content

All pages display a minimum of four ad placements. Full website takeovers, roadblocks and bespoke ad unit are also supported.

For details of rates and availability, please contact me using the form below.

Availability & Prices

The cost of a piece of bespoke content varies depending on the amount of work required and the desired level of social media support. Each piece of content is given the same treatment, it will spend 24 hours as the lead piece of content on the homepage and then will drop down the page but remain on the homepage for a further four days, there is the option to have your page listed as "featured" content giving it an ongoing home page presence.

As much lead time as possible would be appreciated, so please get in touch using the form below with details of your requirements and deadline.

Integrated Links

Please note: I don't not accept sponsored/paid articles which include back links to online gaming companies/casino games/betting. Links to other types of content will be considered, as long as the content is relevant and of a high quality.

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