Paranormal Quiz Of The Year 2019

December 31, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGames
Borley Rectory
This year we've had everything from prophesies of the end of human civilisation, controversial paranormal experiments, nostalgic ghostly book releases and of course plenty of alleged evidence captured by paranormal teams.

For the last twelve months here at Higgypop HQ, we've been tracking some of the weirdest events which have happened around the globe and tried to keep you up to date. Now it's time to prove if you've been paying attention.

How well do you remember the weirdest happenings, strangest unexplained events, and gossip from paranormal television shows. Put your knowledge to the test with these 40 taxing trivia questions...

1. Who replaced Sandy Lakdar in the second series of 'Help! My House Is Haunted'?

2. Who did Katrina Weidman teamed up with one of the year's new ghost huntings show, 'Portals to Hell'?

3. Which supernatural series returned to Netflix this summer?

4. At Halloween Zak Bagans lead the 'Ghost Adventures' team on an investigation of a property that inspired which supernatural movie?

5. In September 'Project Reveal - Ghosts Of Britain' sparked controversy when they conducted a paranormal experiment involving what?

Dybbuk Box - True Story of Chris Chambers

6. A documentary about a dybbuk box hit Amazon Prime this year that alleged to be true story of who?

7. Which documentary series investigated claims of goblins on the run in Kentucky?

8. Which British television ghost hunter was tormented by a haunting in his own home this year?

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9. The online ghost hunting team Paranormal Hauntings encounter a torch-wielding ghost at which disused railway tunnel?

10. What was the name of a cave system in the midlands where hundred of ancient witches' marks were found this year?

11. Which comedian confirmed that he'll be appearing in the upcoming 2020 'Ghostbusters' movie?

12. A "psychic hoover" on BBC Radio 1's breakfast show correctly predicted the results of what this summer?

13. Which celebrity psychic made the claim that they could stop Brexit back in March?

14. Which of these paranormal hotspots was damaged during a break-in over the summer?

15. Which television ghost hunter published a ghost hunting book 'for dummies' this year?

16. What is the name of the former home of occultist Aleister Crowley that was put up for sale in April?

17. A Welsh man recorded the unexplained sound of what coming from beneath his house?

18. In which month did the unsuccessful 'Storm Area 51' event take place?

19. Yvette Fielding hosted a live Halloween investigation with the Most Haunted team from which paranormal hotspot?

20. Which of these ghost hunting shows was not a part of Really's 13 Nights Of Frights?

York Ghost Merchants

21. A new shop opened this year which sell brightly coloured ghost figures, but where is it?

22. In which month was there a Black Moon in 2019?

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23. In January a teaser trailer unexpectedly dropped for which 2020 paranormal movie?

24. Zak Bagans bought a Los Angeles property connected with the crimes of which notorious American serial killer?

25. An animated documentary was released this year which tells the tale of which famous British haunting case?

Danny Moss With Grace The Doll - Tatton Old Hall

26. Speaking via a spirit box, a cursed doll told the Haunted Haunt's Danny Moss that it wanted to do what?

27. What is the name of the ghost hunting boy at the centre of Yvette Fielding's new children's book?

28. Which classic Usborne paranormal book went back into print in 2019?

29. UK Haunted teamed up with the Really channel for a live investigation this Halloween, but where was it?

30. Which comic duo announced this year that they are working on a new comedy series based around ghost hunting?

Ghosts Of Morgan City Apparition - Blue Shirt of Idlewild

31. Which US ghost hunting show captured night vision footage of this full-bodied apparition?

32. Catholic priests in Poland have deemed which series of books after deeming them to be "evil"?

33. In January a rare astral event was prophesied to bring about the end of civilisation, what was it?

34. Robbie Williams spoke out in the press this year about how he believes his home is haunted by which singer?

35. Which US ghost hunting show announced its return in 2019?

Loch Ness Monster, Scotland

36. DNA tests on the water of Loch Ness reveal that sightings of the illusive monster can probably be explained by what?

37. Phil Whyman and his wife Sara launched their ghost hunting web series this year, but what was it called?

38. In June, Joe Rogan interviewed which infamous Area 51 and flying saucers whistleblower 30 years after he went public with his claims?

39. A strange creature was caught on CCTV this year, many people thought it looked like which fictional beast?

40. 'Unexplained: Caught On Camera' started on Really in July, but which skeptic featured regularly in the show?


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