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This course gives you practical and useful knowledge of ghost hunting and paranormal research, which is invaluable when conducting your own paranormal investigations or as part of a group event.

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Course Overview

While some paranormal courses and learning materials assume a belief in the paranormal and spirituality, this course is also appropriate for someone who would consider themselves an open-minded skeptic. After all, critical thinking is one of the key requirements of someone investigating claims of the paranormal.

This course will give you a working knowledge of how to conduct a paranormal investigation, including all aspects of preparation and research before arriving at a haunted location.

You'll learn how to effectively use some of the most common ghost hunting tools and equipment, as well as how to discredit unreliable data and false positives and how to ensure that equipment isn't being influenced by outside influences or members of the group.

The course also includes best practices for communicating with ghosts and spirits and advice on how to verify and validate these communications in order to establish whether genuine contact has been made.

The methods described in this course are based on current trends and popular beliefs amongst active paranormal investigators. These theories and techniques are curated and explained to give you an overview of how ghost hunts are conducted. We make it clear in the course that not all of these methods are effective and that many lack any scientific basis, but by understanding some of these flaws and common mistakes, you should be able to strengthen the evidence you collect during your own investigations.


We've put a lot of work in to making sure this course is useful, but if you sign up and find it's not what you expected, then get in touch and we'll fully refund you, no questions asked.


Words 18,937 • Average completion time 3.5 hours • Average pass rate 92%



Course Curriculum


Determine if a location is haunted

  • Background research
    • The symptoms of a haunting
      • Classification of haunting
        • Shadow hauntings
        • Residual hauntings
        • Animal spirit hauntings
        • Intelligent hauntings
        • Poltergeist hauntings
        • Demonic hauntings
      • Rule out rational explanations
        • Eliminate external influences
        • Things commonly mistaken for the paranormal
      • Summary

        Capture evidence of the haunting

        • Logging evidence
          • Collecting quantitative data
            • Laser grid
            • Thermometer
            • Camera
            • Trigger objects
          • Working in the dark
            • Summary

              Communicating with ghosts or spirits

              • How to conduct a séance
                • How to call out to spirits
                • Knock once for no, twice for yes
                • Ouija board
                • Digital audio recorder
                • Spirit box
                • Electromagnetic field meter
                • Electronic speech synthesis
                • Pendulum
              • Validate contact with the spirit
                • Summary

                  Legalities of ghost hunting

                  • Health and safety
                  • Obtaining permissions
                  • Summary


                    • Final thoughts
                    • Final assessment



                    Frequently Asked Questions


                    Is this a recognised qualification?
                    Unfortunately, due to the unknown nature of the paranormal, no qualifications in this field is academically recognised, and even if they were, would be of little interest to prospective employers. But we've worked hard to put together a course, which is designed to help you widen your knowledge and give beginners the confidence to go out and get involved in the paranormal.

                    What does the course involve?
                    You'll be able to work through four comprehensive modules: 'determine if a location is haunted', 'capture evidence of the haunting', 'communicating with ghosts or spirits', and 'legalities of ghost hunting.' It covers everything from the symptoms and classification of hauntings to collecting data and communicating with spirits using various ghost hunting devices. There's also information and advice on health and safety and the legalities of holding a paranormal investigation.

                    Is this course aimed at novices or experts?
                    The course is suitable for beginners as well as established amateur ghost hunters. While the course is based around the basic principles of paranormal investigation, each lesson builds on this basic information in order to expand your knowledge of the theory behind ghost hunting as well as provide you with advice on critical thinking, which will help you make your evidence even more compelling.

                    When can I access for the course material and for how long?
                    Once you enrol onto this course you will get instant access to the course material, a summary of modules and lessons can be seen in the course curriculum above. You have unlimited access to this course, even after you have completed your final assessment, allowing you to revisit topics whenever you like.

                    How long does the course take to complete?
                    The average completion time from the point of purchase to passing the final assessment is 3.5 hours, but as you have unrestricted access to the course, this is really up to you. While it's possible to work through the course material in a few hours, we recommended taking your time in order to let the information soak in, a few hours per day is ideal.

                    Each module has an end of topic test, it's not a requirement to achieve a certain score in these tests but your score will give you an indication of the knowledge you've gained during the module and also highlight any gaps. You should then go back and revisit the module to ensure their are no gaps in your knowledge as you'll need a good understanding of the topic to complete the final assessment, which requires an 80% pass.

                    Will I receive a certificate?
                    A digital certificate of achievement you can print yourself will automatically be emailed to those who achieve a grade of 80% or higher in the final assessment. There is also the option to have a physical copy posted to you instead, which is normally dispatched with fourteens days of completion of the course. If you fail to achieve the required score, you are able to revisit the course material and try again as many times as you like. Certificates are professionally designed and printed. We hope they will be a keepsake of what we hope will be an enjoyable course.

                    What is digital accreditation?
                    As well as a certificate of achievement, a link will automatically be generated which you can share or link to. The web page will include your name and details of your courses you've completed. You can add the badge provided to your website or blog to show that you qualified in this specialist field.

                    How do I know if this course is for me?
                    While we have put a lot of work in to making sure this course is useful to everyone and has general appeal, if you find that it's not what you expected for any reason, then get in touch and we'll sort out a full refund for you, no questions asked.

                    How did other users rate this course?
                    We are passionate about the feedback we receive on our courses and ask all users who complete them to tell us what they thought. You can read reviews from our past students on our feedback page. You can see the user ratings specific to this course below:
                    How likely would you be to recommend us to a friend? - 4.7/5
                    Overall how satisfied were you with the course? - 4.7/5
                    How concise did you find this course? - 4.6/5
                    How likely are you to try another course with us? - 4.7/5

                    Are you a registered learning provider?
                    Yes, our UK Register of Learning Providers reference number (UKPRN) is 10066925.


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