Knowing the atmospheric conditions during a paranormal investigation is important and with this handy tool, there's nothing you won't know. This handheld anemometer tracks wind speed, temperature, wind chill and pressure.


8 in 1 Function: Digital altimeter, with digital barometer, digital compass, weather forecast, time , calendar, thermometer , and backlight.
The device is based on the technology of electronic bearing sensor and barometric sensor
The digital altimeter is designed for outdoor use, the detachable string makes the digital compass a perfect hand-carry device for various outdoor activates it will give you backlight when you press any button in any time.
Altimeter : -700 ~ 9000m / -2300 ~ 29500ft
Weather forecast
History Altitude record : 256pcs records
Compass: show bearing in degrees and cardinal point
Thermometer : In ºC / ºF format
Clock: In 12 hours or 24 Hours format
Battery :by 2 x AAA batteries 

  Package Included:
1 x8 in 1 digital altimeter
1 x Lanyards
1 x English manual
2x AAA Battery

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