EMF Meter

Many paranormal investigators believe that ghosts and spirits can effect the electromagnetic spectrum. This low cost electromagnetic radiation detector will allow you to monitor spikes in the EM field while on investigations.


Features:1. The operation is simple, can quickly measure the electrical appliances, wires and industrial equipment around the intensity of electromagnetic radiation. 2. Test frequency band width. 3. Numerical comparative, demo products suitable for radiation effect of measurement, and personal understanding of radiation. 4. Design comply with CE. 5. Value, easy to carry. 6. The instrument measuring cell phone performance is very stable, not like some instrument testing of mobile phones on the market in the beginning with numerical then slowly return to zero. 7. Enjoy different measurement quality equal price, friends don't have to find reliable performance tester and the electromagnetic radiation. Measurement procedures: 1. Press the power switch, at under test to measure electrical appliances Packing content: 1xThe electromagnetic radiation tester

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