Ouija Spirit Board

This wooden ouija board with planchette and detailed instruction is an essential bit of ghost hunting kit, with seances being a common practice amongst paranormal researchers during investigations.


Ouija Spirit Board game & Planchette with detailed step-by-step instruction how to use.

This is professionally printed image on high quality photographic paper attached to 3mm a4 size 12 x 9 Inches (~30cm x 21cm) strong and durable MDF wooden Board.
The planchette is handmade from same MDF wood and laser engraved.

Package includes:
Ouija board
Detailed step-by-step instruction

Ouija Board History
If you've never used a Ouija board, the concept is pretty straightforward. With a group or by yourself, you place your hands lightly on a triangular pointer called a planchette. The planchette rests on the board itself, which has the words "yes" and "no" in its top corners, an alphabet in the center, and the word "goodbye" at the bottom.
The idea is to summon the spirits you want to communicate with, and they'll move the planchette around the board to spell out answers to the questions you ask - until they or you finally say goodbye and the spirits go back to wherever they came from.

Before Ouija boards were invented, spiritualists and other would-be ghost communicators used makeshift devices called "talking boards" that served a similar purpose. Talking boards first became popular in mid-19th-century America, when millions of people suddenly gained an interest in talking to the dead following the tremendous loss of life in the Civil War.

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