The Ghosts Of Bron Y Garth Hospital, The Former Ffestiniog Workhouse

March 14, 2019
Bron Y Garth Hospital, Penrhyndeudraeth - Haunted

Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd

A Grade II Listed former hospital and workhouse in Penrhyndeudraeth, North Wales which has been abandoned since 2008. The eerie building still has many of its fixtures intact from its time as hospital, and original features like the vagrants cells of the workhouse still remain.

Originally built as the Ffestiniog Union Workhouse in 1838 to house the poor and homeless of North Wales, the old Victorian building would have been a grim place for those forced to live there. The most unruly of the workhouse's inmates would have been sent to the vagrants' wing, a separate building with six cells. There was also a mortuary located on the site, and a separate building known as 'the cottage', which once housed inmates with infectious diseases.

In 1954 it became a care home for the elderly, and over time was slowly converted and modernised, eventually it became the Bron y Garth Community Hospital, operated by North West Wales NHS Trust until its closure in 2008. The buildings have been left empty and decaying for over a decade.

The only visitors the building has had over the last few years are from the 400 lesser horseshoe bats who live in the building and teams of local ghost hunters. Gwynedd Paranormal Investigations ran regular events in the abandoned hospital up until the spring of 2019, but events are now on hold as plans to redevelop the site loom.

With so much misery from suffering and incarceration from its years as a workhouse, and the many deaths from its time as a care home and hospital, it's no wonder this location appeals to paranormal investigators. Teams are especially drawn to the vagrants' wards as this is the only part of the building to remain unchanged from Victorian times and is now said to be a dark and negative place.

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