The most widely reported ghost sightings of the year, from viral videos which claim to show the supernatural, to the most impressive photographs and evidence of the paranormal captured this year.


The year started off with plenty of paranormal activity, the two biggest events were a ghostly photo caught by a British ghost hunter and some creepy home security video.

Ghost Of Screaming Child Capture In Photo

Ghost Of Screaming Child Magnified

This photo was taken by a Katy Morritt, a 19-year-old, amateur, ghost hunter during a trip to The Village in Mansfield. It was only the next morning that Katy noticed she'd captured an image of creepy face in the background of one of the photos.

But who or what did this eerie face belong to? Well, that soon became clear when she reviewed the video recordings from the previous night. During the recording of a "table tipping" experiment the sound of a screaming child could be heard.

The creepy snap was taken in a building which dates back to 1802 and housed a former slaughter house and malt house.  In the 70's it became a nightclub called The Village, but today is an activity centre, home to of laser tag games and play areas.

The Village is said to be haunted by many different ghosts, including a group of monks, but on this occasion it's the story of a woman named Catherine who was murdered at The Village along with her child which seems to fit the particular haunting.

Ghost Terrifies Little Girl By Moving Objects

Creepy home security footage of little girl

A video has surfaced online of a young girl being tormented by a poltergeist. The ghost appears to possess a doll, making it move before throwing paper and other items around the room.

The footage is said to have been recorded by the girl's father who installed a camera when the girl complained of strange happenings. The video is made up of two clips of the girl alone in different rooms.

The clip was recorded in September 2016 (according to the timestamp) and uploaded to 'La Otra Dimensión' a Spanish speaking Facebook page by Julio Cesar Alvarez Perez in December, but has started going viral in the first few weeks of 2017.

The video shows the girl in two rooms of the house. In the first she is seen sat on the floor playing with her toys, while towards the corner of the room another doll sits alone. The girl is distracted by her toys so doesn't notice the moment the the doll’s head begins to move and turn.

In the second half of the video, the girl can be seen drawing on a sheet of paper on a coffee table in the living room. This time she can't fail to miss the paranormal activity taking place around her as a pile of spare paper blows towards her by a strong breeze of unknown origin.

The girl runs from the room but the activity doesn't stop there, more objects from the table start being thrown around before the whole table itself slides across the floor.


February was a quiet month for the paranormal but reports in March the newspapers were full of one suspected ghost story in particular.

Beer Glass Explodes On Its Own

Exploding Pint Of Beer

A casual drink at his local turned into a paranormal incident when a pint of beer randomly exploded without being touched and amazingly, the landlord caught the whole thing on CCTV.

The video was captured by the Derby Arms' CCTV camera and shows a regular sat on his phone texting at the pub in Prescot before his pint randomly explodes right before his eyes.

The pub's landlord, Dave McGinn wasn't convinced that the glass smashed of its own accord and decided to check out the pub's security camera footage hoping to prove that the customer had simply knocked the pint over himself.

However, after reviewing the footage, the landlord start to suspect paranormal activity and according to Dave, it's not the first time something spooky has happened at the pub.

He told the Liverpool Echo that there's often been stories told about strange goings on at the pub, "over the years a few cleaners have said they've seen people walking past or felt things moving and we've had the odd glass fall off the shelf but we've never caught it on video."


April was a very active month for the paranormal, there was a video of a ghost attack, a long-running paranormal TV show got its best evidence of ghosts ever, and there was even an exorcism of a famous television studio.

Ghost Attacking An Unaware Teen While He Reads A Book

A creepy video has been uploaded to YouTube which shows the moment a ghost attacks an unaware teenager while he reads a book at home. The eerie clip which shows the teen walking in to the room of his house, picking up a pick and reading it while stood in front of a closed door. Without warning and without the guy knowing, the door behind him is flung open by an unknown force.

Before he knows it, the teen is attacked by a shadowy figure and dragged across the room, kicking and screaming.

Priest Called In To Exorcise The Haunted TV Set

A priest in Manchester was called to perform an exorcism on the old set of Coronation Street at Granada Studios. The priest was called after guests to the set to the former-set of the long-running British TV show reported "banging noises" and poltergeist activity while they were preparing for a music event called Granadaland which took place at the Manchester studio.

The moment the priest performs the ancient ritual in the studio's soundstage was caught on CCTV.

Apparently, Corrie actors have reported supernatural occurrences on the old set for years, many believing it to be the ghost of Pat Phoenix who played Elsie Tanner in the soap before her death in 1986. Sue Cleaver, who plays Eileen Grimshaw, said "so many people have seen and felt the same things that there has to be something in it."

Wentworth Ghost

Most Haunted's Wenworth Ghost Explained

Yvette Fielding and the team of the British ghost hunting show, Most Haunted finally caught a ghost on camera after shooting over 200 hundred episodes at some of the UK's spookiest locations.

In the show's latest piece of evidence, Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell caught an eerie figure on camera walking up some steps during a nighttime vigil in part of the derelict stable block at Wentworth Woodhouse, a Grade I listed country house in the village of Wentworth, South Yorkshire.

The show's presenter Yvette, described the video as the "most groundbreaking footage" to date. She later admitted that she actually burst into tears, "I was so excited and overwhelmed with the fact that, all of these years on Most Haunted, to me, that is the best piece of paranormal evidence."


In May a creepy ghostly figure sat on a road in Malaysia freaked out a driver and it was revealed that elsewhere in Malaysia a malevolent ghost likes to push its victims down stairs.

Ghost In The Road

A driver in Malaysia was forced to do a u-turn after he spotted a ghostly figure sat in the middle of the road. Aswan Yap captured the whole incident on his in-car dashboard camera.

The 25-year-old was driving at night in Kuala Lumpur, in a part of the city which is said to be home to haunted mansion. The pair freaked out and Aswan slammed on the breaks, before turning around and heading back the way they'd come.

Malaysian Ghost Pushes People Down Stairs

Later in May some eerie footage was upload to YouTube which appears to show several people being pushed down a flight of stairs in the North-eastern Malaysian town of Keningau.

The video was posted by Mohd Faizal and of the thousands of people who have already watched and shared the clip, many think that there's a paranormal force acting on the people in the video which is causing them to slip.


Please check back, this page will be regularly updated throughout the year.
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