Alien Jokes, UFO Puns & Extraterrestrial One-Liners

May 22, 2017 7:03 AM ‐ UFOs

This article is more than seven years old and was last updated in January 2018.

The funniest and best jokes about aliens, UFOs and flying saucers, guaranteed no jokes about Mars bars or Uranus. Plus extraterrestrial one-liners and the finest space-related puns.

Q: Have you heard the one about the spaceship that came to Earth?
A: Never mind its over your head.

Q: What's E.T. short for?
A: Because he's got little legs.

Q: What is a lightyear?
A: The same as a regular year, but with less calories.

Q: Why don't aliens get hungry after being blasted into space?
A: Because they've just had a big launch.
"Is your mother an alien because you're out of this world."
Q: What do aliens prefer to drink?
A: Gravi-tea.

Q: How do you get a baby alien to sleep?
A: Rocket.

Q: What do you call an overweight alien?
A: An extra cholesterol.

Q: What do you call a wizard aboard a spacecraft?
A: A flying sorcerer.

Q: Where do aliens park their flying saucers?
A: At a parking meteor.
"Two aliens went to a bar on the moon, but they left after a few minutes. You see, it had no atmosphere."
Q: How did the aliens hurt the farmer?
A: They trod on his corn.

Q: What do you call an alien with three eyes?
A: An aliiien.

Q: How do you organise a welcome party for an alien race?
A: You planet.

Q: What do you call an alien spaceship that's leak water?
A: A crying saucer.

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