Are Ghost Hunters Actually Communicating With Extraterrestrials?

By Bruce Halliday
January 26, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ Ghost HuntingParanormal

This article is more than three years old.

"Who are we communicating with really?" I have been asking myself that question since the day I started Ghost Box communication. - By Bruce Halliday

ET Extraterrestrial Alien
"Who are we communicating with really?" I have been asking myself that question since the day I started ghost box communication - By Bruce Halliday.

During the first days, weeks and months of myself and Steve Hultay fumbling our way through trying to figure out what this new device that we called a Ghost Box actually was and what it was capable of, we knew that we were getting some sort of coherent communication through the use of it.

Me being a paranormal investigator and researcher for a number years immediately attributed the words and messages I was receiving to be from entities that where the disembodied spirits of human beings. In the beginning it never dawned on me that the communication could be originating from a source that was not human in nature whether it be physical or spirit.

A Ghost Box is a device that enables the reception of radio signals and dices them up into small bits and pieces or fragments of sound by sweeping the chosen band at a fast enough rate so that the dial does not stop on any one station. The theory is that an entity will use whatever bits of radio fragments it needs to form words and sentences to facilitate realtime, live spirit communication between the researcher and a non-physical entity, presumably the spirits of disembodied human beings.

As Ghost Box research progressed and I came to formulate solid theories and information based on experience from daily work with Ghost Box communication and as a result of time and experience the communication I was receiving became clearer and more detailed.

Once I started to understand more and more about how the Ghost Box worked and deciphering the relevance and content of the communication I was receiving I began to think "outside the box" - no pun intended.

"Who are we really communicating with?" I knew through study and research of the content of the communication and having become familiar with certain individual entities that communicated on a consistent basis that I was in fact communicating with the spirits of deceased human beings, but were they the only entities we were communicating with?

Before I delve into my ideas and theories let me say that it is a fact in Ghost Box communication that the entities communicating with us seem to carry the same characteristics as humans in the physical world they will play practical jokes, mislead, embellish and down right lie to us and I'm sure this is done for a myriad of reasons, the same as it is in the physical world.

I have found that entities out of sheer boredom will spin tales and tell communicators what they believe the communicator wants to hear and even catch on to a subconscious subject that is being insinuated by the communicator and play upon that to deceive and frustrate the communicator or have it serve to keep the communicator involved in the Ghost Box communication session longer than planned.

I have personally experienced all of these situations and more in my building of Ghost Box communication over the years and have had countless reports of other communicators having the same experiences.

The most common experience that will bring the identity of our communicating counterparts into question is when we receive a message or answer that will either directly or indirectly by deliberate statement or by way of sounds and innuendo lead us to contemplate the source of the communication as possibly being "alien" or "extraterrestrial" in nature.

As a matter of fact the creator of the first Ghost Box Frank Sumption adamantly believed that we are communicating with aliens and believed he himself to be an alien living on this planet awaiting retrieval or rescue from his alien species. I am not quite sure if Frank had come to this conclusion solely through his experience with a Ghost Box and its communication or if there are other mitigating factors at play but he is none the less convinced that the communication we receive has alien origins.

I myself have received numerous communications that have led to my questioning whether the source could be extraterrestrial, I have received communication in what we would consider the quintessential alien voice of the little green men. I have heard sounds that have mimicked the sound of what I would associate with the sounds of a UFO. I have done complete sessions on the subject of whether or not alien communication existed and what its origin and purpose would be, and have received communication that strongly stated "yes" it was from an alien source and then received in the same session staunch communication against it being extraterrestrial.

There type of "flip-flop" responses do, I am sad to say, exist in Ghost Box communication. It is common for a communicator to receive completely conflicting answers and statements to a specific subject or questions within the same session. This being the case it is an impossibility on our part to be capable of forming a solid arguable theory or opinion on any given subject about the origins of Ghost Box communication this subject included of course. I don't believe that this can be overcome as long as we are restricted to the level of communication we are currently capable of.

Now onto my thoughts and theories as to the possibility of Ghost Box communication being derived from "alien" sources.

I can say with a strong degree of certainty that we do communicate with spirits of deceased human beings. I base this on years of experience as well as countless, countless communications that answer personal and private questions and adhere to criteria set forth by individuals that I have done personal contact sessions for, as well as communication I have received from departed friends and family. This has confirmed for me that we are absolutely receiving communication from deceased human beings.

But is this the only source of our communication and is any other inference merely a trick by human astral beings for whatever reasons they may have? "Hmmmmm," is pretty much the only definitive thing I can say.

Of course like anything that is supernatural - UFOs, ghosts, vampires, bigfoot etc - there are those that staunchly believe, and those that only believe that the believers are missing a few cards from the deck.

Whether or not there is a basis for the possibility of alien communication through the Ghost Box is in the end a matter of the belief system of the individual communicator. That being said, let's delve into the idea. Is alien communication possible in any form including that which comes through the Ghost Box?

Being a believer in the existence of spirit beings and our capability to interact with them, and given that those beliefs are not common place among the masses, I have to say that the possibility of there being alien existence and their ability to deliver communication is a tangible reality.

Can they and are they communicating with us through Ghost Box communication? Like I said there are pros and cons to that question. I have had communication that I would serve up if need be as an example of possible extraterrestrial communication. Plus I do believe that given a race of alien beings that are capable of traveling countless lightyears through space and possibly time to reach us or to even send immediate communication from whatever their point of origin, should certainly be capable of delivering that communication through our crude form of receiver - a Ghost Box.

If so why are they communicating with me? Why not the president of the United States or other heads of states? Surely if they where achieving communication with us they would want their efforts to be gleaned by our most brilliant and important human beings.

Now let's ask the question "how do they hear us?" In order for the communication we receive to be relevant and validating we must receive answers to direct questions or statements that adhere to the subject at hand. This entails the entity sending the communication in realtime as we hear it through the Ghost Box. Of course we do not have any broadcasting or audio delivering mechanics in Ghost Box communication, so that tells us we have to be heard with out the aid of a microphone or other audio transmission equipment.

When we consider communication that are spirit based we assume that the spirit entity may be present and can hear us or that being of astral origin has some sort of energy-based connection with us that allows them to hear us as we speak aloud.

This is a theory that can be considered in conjunction with spirit communication but how can a race of what we would think of as organic or physical beings be capable of hearing our voice with out the aid of some sort of equipment? Do they have the ability to connect with us energetically or telepathically? Do they have the ability to astral project themselves to the location where we are conducting the session? Do they have some sophisticated technology somewhat like our spy satellites that allow them to eavesdrop on us without our knowledge?

These are all possibilities that can be considered, but again back to the root of the question - do they exist? Can they communicate? Are we being tricked or is this simply our imagination running away with us?

Let's consider the circumstances... weird noises that are reminiscent of stereotypical alien sounds, answers, statements and messages that will on occasion directly pertain to the communication as being alien in origin these factors will take us on a path to considering the possibilities of alien communication and most likely lead to frustration as we get no closer to the truth than when we started. Considering this outcome did we fall victim to an astral practical joker? Was it the demented pleasure-seeking of a less than benevolent spirit or just a way to garner further and continual attention by a spirit through our continued communication?

Sorry to say that these questions not only pertain to the question of possible extraterrestrial communication but actually all our communication at this time. We can surmise, analyze, research and theorize, but truthfully as it stands the outcome to the question "are we communicating with aliens?" The answer is six of one Half dozen of the other.

In this article I have tried to touch briefly on the question of possible alien communication in Ghost Box communication, I have many other theories that I have researched and explored as to the possibilities of sources for communication like, telekinesis, cerebral manifestation, contact with other physical dimensions and contact from the future, just to mention a few.

If I were to go into my exploration of these I would be able to fill a novel, so for now I will just submit this article as my ideas and opinions on an alien source of communication through Ghost Box communication and save the rest for another time.

About The Author

Bruce Halliday is a paranormal investigator best known for his pioneering work with the Ghost Box. With a passion for gaining a greater understanding of realtime spirit communication, Bruce dedicates much of his research to methods of instrumental transcommunication, including electronic voice phenomenon.

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