Are You Psychic? Prove Your Abilities With This Test

September 11, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ Psychic ReadingsGames

Do you have the psychic skills required to gain an insight into the random word we've selected? Prove your abilities with this psychic quiz by foreseeing the correct word.

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For some having a psychic gift means they have the ability to know facts and information they shouldn't rightly know. So, we've devised this little game to put your psychic abilities to the test and it's simple to play.

All you need to do is guess the single word we've chosen. So far no one has been able to guess this word, but as soon as someone does we will update this page. If you are the first to guess, be sure to tell us your name so we can give you the credit you deserve.

You have five minutes to play and unlimited guesses. Every incorrect guess submitted by all players will be counted and logged.

Since September 2021 41,958 have tried, but no one has got it right yet...

Test Your Psychic Abilities

You have five minutes from the moment you press 'start' to try to guess a word we've randomly selected.


We will count the number of attempts made by all players. If after five minutes you haven't guessed correctly, the word will remain a secret. If you are the first to guess it, we'll let you know.




How To Play

Simply type in as many guesses as you can in five minutes to see if you have the gift. You are looking for a very common English word, one that appears in the Oxford English Dictionary. You will have used this word at some point in everyday conversation.

There's a few ways you could put your skills to the test. Perhaps just search your soul for a gut feeling of what the word might be.

You might also want to try to read the mind of the person who wrote this page to obtain the word, that's a guy called Steve Higgins.

You could also try remote viewing. The word has been written down on a piece of paper and placed inside a box which is now pushed to the back of a drawer in our office. Can you project your awareness here and read what is written on that piece of folded paper?
Note In Box

The chances of guessing are slim, so you do need some kind of psychic ability or a lot of luck to pass this quiz. There are around 170,000 English words in the Oxford dictionary that are used as part of our modern vocabulary. That means that if you worked around the clock and typed one in every 10 seconds, it would take you about a month to type them all.

If you guess correctly the game will tell you that you are right. If you are the first person to ever guess correctly, that will also be made clear. We'll also invite you to get in touch so you can tell us your name and boast about your achievement. We'll give you a name check on this page.

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