How To Become A Real-Life Ghost Hunter

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Have you ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Ghostbusters and lead your own real-life paranormal investigations? Here's a short guide on how to get started in the fun and fascinating world of ghost hunting.

There are plenty of ways to get started with ghost hunting. Perhaps you suspect your's or a friend's house is haunted, this it the perfect place to start. Even if you don't think the house is haunted, it's not a bad place to start and treat it as a dress rehearsal.

If you're doing this, set a whole evening aside to investigate the house, take it seriously and stick with it. Even if nothing happens and there is no activity for the first few hours, don't give up, this is often what real ghost hunts will be like. Paranormal investigations are a world of difference from ghost hunting television shows like 'Most Haunted'.

Another great way to get started in ghost hunting is to join a local ghost hunting group or club. There'll be groups in most areas, especially in big cities, where you'll find there might be several groups to choose from. These groups are usually free to join, although you might be expected to contribute towards the cost of certain events.

There's also the option to pay to attend organised ghost hunts. This is an excellent way to get started as the events are guided and the organisers provide common ghost hunting gadgets and tools for you to try out and get familiar with. The organiser will suggest tasks, activities and experiments, and help you make the most of your time at the location.

Ghost hunting events range in price from around £25 up to £80 for popular or rare venues. The list of locations include everything from castles, manor houses, prisons and haunted houses.

There are many paranormal events companies operating in the UK, some of the most respected are:

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome when embarking on your first ghost hunt is learning the jargon of a paranormal researcher. Like all hobbies, ghost hunting involves a language of its own. There's endless gadgets and gizmos to learn how to use, such as REM Pods, KII-Meters and spirit boxes.

The best way is to get stuck in and learn the names for these devices and how to operate them in the field, but some find it helpful to learn as much as they can about the topic before partaking in their first ghost hunt, either by reading books or from television shows, but there's also the option to take an online course to give you a basic understanding.

Another activity which can be a bit alien to beginner is calling out to spirits. This is when a ghost hunter asks ghosts to show themselves or interact, the classic phrase is, "hello, is anybody there?" If you've not done it before you might feel a little self conscious calling out, which is why practicing at home, with friends, or by reading about the techniques can give you the confidence to get out there and do it.

The online 'Diploma in Practical Ghost Hunting and Scientific Analysis' course gives you a practical and useable knowledge of ghost hunting and paranormal research, which is invaluable when conducting your own paranormal investigations or as part of a group event. A certificate of achievement and digital accreditation is provided upon completion.

Want To Become A Ghost Hunter?

Get a diploma in the paranormal.

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