Bristol Is Becoming A UFO Hotspot

November 04, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ UFOsWeird Bristol

The last year has proven to be an exciting one for sky watchers in the Bristol area, and only this week more footage of a mysterious sighting above the city has emerged.

The latest video was sent to the Bristol Post by someone calling themselves, Žilvinas. The clips show three odd white lights moving in the sky over Shortwood near Emersons Green. Žilvinas told the Post, "the only thing we could see from them is that they were a black colour and somewhat round shaped but it was hard to see them."

Just days before a similar light formation was seen over Hanham. Many of the reports that have come in over the last few months involve a triangular-shaped arrangement of lights.

The wave of UFO sightings over Bristol seemed to begin late last year, when the National Police Air Service shared a video on Twitter of an unidentified object captured by a helicopter-mounted thermal camera 1000ft over the Bristol Channel.

The object which couldn't be seen by the naked eye was spotted at 9:30pm on September 17th, 2016. Gary Heseltine, the editor of UFO Truth magazine, claims that the object was said to be flying against the wind at the time, was undetected by air traffic control and couldn't have been a balloon or lantern because of its movement.
Purdown Tower, Bristol

One of the strangest claims to be made by believers this year, is that one of the city's landmarks is in fact a charging point for alien spacecrafts. An amateur ufologist from the Montpelier area of Bristol claim that the BT Tower at Purdown, near the Stoke Park estate is hiding a secret.

The tower, which can be seen across most of the city of Bristol, serves as a sight-to-sight microwave station for BT and also broadcasts radio around Bristol and the surrounding area, but some believe that the tower has a much more sinister use as a refuelling station for alien spacecraft.

In a letter which featured in the Bristol Post, the conspiracy theorist describes a strange mist he's spotted at the tower, "the mist was thickest on top of the tower. It seemed to come from the horn shaped objects attached to the sides of the tower and travelled upwards."

He goes on to claim that "for years there have been local rumours saying that the Purdown tower is a refuelling station for UFOs," however there is no mention of this online before February of this year when Skidmore's own claims were made public.

All this recent evidence seems to point to Bristol as a hotbed for extra-terrestrial activity. I guess only time will tell if aliens decide to make contact with Bristolians first.

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