Most Haunted At Carr House - Series 18, Episode 5 Review

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Carr House

Yvette Fielding and her fearless ghost hunting team tackle the resident spooks at Carr House in West Yorkshire. The house is part of Kirklees Hall, a building which sits on the foundations of a nunnery which dates back to the 12th century.

The original building was constructed by and occupied by cistercian nuns but was demolished due to King Herny VIII's disillusion of monasteries between 1536 and 1541. The estate was purchased by John Armitage in 1565 and he erected the hall as we see it today.

During this construction it was claimed that the burial place of the legendary Robin Hood was uncovered on the estate. Carr house is now split into several private residences.

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Is Carr House Haunted?

Most Haunted At Carr House

The building is said to be plagued by strange noises, object disappearing, cold spots, poltergeist activity, and full apparitions. Some say the cause of this activity is the ghost of an executed jester. He allegedly told an inappropriate tale to a female guest during a banquet and was dragged down stairs to the cellar and beheaded.

The cellar is now a apartment, but the chopping block where the jester supposedly lost his life still remains, as does his spirit which is said to haunt this part of the building. Skeptic, Glen Hunt isn't so sure about the tale, he says "it is a story though, we've got know evidence that that is the genuine chopping block."

The house also plays host to a grey lady who has been seen walking the upper floors. No one is sure exactly who she is, but it's thought she's either one of the original nuns or a nanny who worked in the house at some point in its history. She has been seen several times in the library, including by Lady Armitage herself.

Glen reminds Yvette that the house is effectively an end terrace with two adjoining neighbours, "sound does travel well through solid surfaces as we know" and "we are a stone's throw away from the M62." Yvette also asked Glen about the claims that a ghost of a vampire has been witnessed in the grounds, but Glen says this is "pure nonsense."

Fred Batt was missing from this episode, so was unable to give his view on the property as a demonologist. Camera man Gregg Smith also wasn't with the team this week.

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Most Haunted At Carr House

The Upper Floors

With the lights out, the team split up. Yvette took Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell upstairs, but before they made it there, Stuart heard something odd. As he was walking up the stairs he heard the name "Emily" being shouted in a female voice.

Once upstairs Karl called out to the spirits after hearing knocking, "is this Emily?" Yvette took out "can you make a noise or slam the door?" Just as she finished speaking there was a weird sound like a whistle or sigh which was clearly heard on camera but no one was sure where it came from.

Yvette then had an odd experience while peering into one of the bedrooms, "I heard as if something was coming towards me, and then it was as if something has come up my face." Before they left the area they heard a knock coming from a wardrobe and the distinct sound of footsteps.

In The Cellar

Most Haunted At Carr House

Mean while Glen was in the cellar, which has now been turned into an apartment, with Darren Hutchinson and Eamonn Vann-Harris. All three soon said that the area felt really cold, even though it's warm outside... that's probably because they're underground.

Eamonn then pulled out his laptop and attempted to record the sound of spirit voices as EVPs. They all introduced themselves and then asked, "what's your name?" On the playback, what sounded like "David" could be heard. Eamonn was pleased with the audio and Glen agreed, "it does sound like a 'David' it's really good."

While reviewing the EVP they heard a bang out in the corridor and went out to investigate and found a door at the end of the hallway had closed. Darren said, "that's a really heavy solid door, and that was open when we walked through."
Most Haunted At Carr House

Later Glen, Darren and Eamonn went upstairs, while Yvette, Karl and Stuart took their place in the cellar. It was a bit of a slow start, the three of them wandered around. A chair did seem to fall but we didn't get to see it on camera and the team didn't seem too fussed by this.

Then things got a bit more dramatic when Karl jumped in to save his wife from a falling table. The table was folded up and leant against a wall behind Yvette, just as the camera moved away and the table was out of shot, it started to fall and Karl had to grab it to stop it from hitting Yvette. "For crying out loud, that was scary," Karl said afterwards.

Stuart starting getting a bit wobbly immediately after, Yvette and Karl were becoming a little concerned about him as he seem like he was about to collapse at any moment. They walked out into the main area of the cellar where they all heard a strange dragging sound.

While they were discussing the sound they heard another noise and turned around to find that the same door that closed on the other group had shut itself for them.

Yvette then thought she saw a brilliant white light at the end of the corridor, they went to investigate and heard footsteps following them and moments later Karl said he could smell floral perfume after what felt like someone walking past him.
Most Haunted At Carr House

After regrouping and another swap around Yvette went to the upper floors with Glen and Stuart, but it all seemed a little quiet for them. But for Karl, Darren and Eamonn, the activity continued in the cellar.

Once again they heard a bang and found that the same door had shut again while at the other side of the room. Minutes later another door then slammed closed behind Karl.

This pretty much marked then end of the investigation, Yvette said in a voice over that they attempted a ouija board but had no luck communicating with any of the spirits of Carr House.

Eamonn's EVP Experiment

Most Haunted At Carr House

During the show Eamonn conducted an EVP experiment with Karl. He has lots of gadgets set up including UV light which he said create longitudinal waves, and speakers which were playing white noise for a laptop. He was recording the session on to a reel-to-reel tape machine and a laptop via a microphone in front of Karl.

Karl then started calling out to the spirits hoping that their answers would be captured on Eamonn's equipment, "is there anyone here? any spirit entity? any lost soul? we'd like to communicate with you." On the playback the word "yes" could be heard after this.

Karl continued speaking to the spirits and after everything he said more garbled noise could be heard. He said, "can you give me your name?" To which the voice in the recording seemed to say "yes."

Yvette commented on their experiment, "it's always great to see an experiment work so well, and this is something we'll definitely continue to build on."
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