Most Haunted At Codnor Castle Cottage, Part Two - Series 22, Episode 8 Review

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This is the second part of a two-part investigation of the Codnor Castle Cottage. You can read about the first half of the investigation here, or read more reviews, and episode guides in the Most Haunted section.
Most Haunted At Codnor Castle Cottage

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The conclusion of Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team's two-part investigation of Codnor Castle Cottage, which kicked off last week with a two-hour special at the derelict farmhouse in Derbyshire.

Now, the story continues at the isolated cottage, which overlooks the beautiful Erewash Valley and is built on the grounds of the Codnor Castle estate, a medieval castle which is now in ruins after it was nearly completely dismantled in 1643. The stone and timber was used to build seven farmhouses in the local area, including Codnor Castle Cottage itself.

The Story So Far

Doll Bursts Into Flames Most Haunted Codnor Castle Cottage

During the first-half of the investigation, the team heard plenty of knocks and bangs, saw a strange grey mist in the attic, and experienced handfuls of old coins being thrown, having appeared from seemingly nowhere.

At the start of the episode, Yvette had placed a creepy looking doll in the attic. She said the doll had been sent to them and was supposedly cursed, it was then left throughout the night with a locked off camera placed in front of it. Towards the end of the show, resident demonologist Fred Batt was calling out to the spirits of Codnor Castle, when he spotted the flicker of flames in a room at the other end of the attic.

A cutaway to the camera fixed on the doll showed it suddenly burst into flames without any obvious source of ignition and no sign of anyone around. Cameraman Stuart Torevell first tried to blow the doll out like a birthday candle, before knocking it off of its plinth and stamping it out, "how the hell did that happen?" he asked.

This explosive moment wasn't the end of the team's time at Codnor castle farm, the investigation continues...

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The Drama Continues...

Most Haunted At Codnor Castle Cottage

With the doll safely out of the cottage the investigation continued and the team split up. Yvette stayed in the attic where Fred instantly put his skills to use and started calling out to the spirits, with skeptic Glen Hunt and cameraman Gregg Smith watching on.

They first started hearing strange noises, which sounded like scratching. Moments later they found a coin on the floor and deduced that the scratching noise was most likely the sound of the coin scratching the concrete floor of the attic.

Gregg then says he felt a bit odd, he described it as feeling as if someone had put their arms around him and pulled him backwards, "it knocked the wind out of me."

There was a loud bang from the attic window, upon investigation, Yvette found it was open and blowing in the wind.

Next Door

Most Haunted Chair On Door Codnor Castle Cottage

Meanwhile, Karl Beattie, Stuart Torevell and Darren Hutchinson went to the smaller adjoining cottage. They started their investigation upstairs. Pretty soon into the investigation they heard a sound downstairs, Stuart went down to investigate with the camera.

As a strange occurrence came into view in the darkness, he shouted up "get yourself down here guy," the others ran downstairs to see what we were looking at. There was a chair balanced on top of an open door.

Darren said that the chair had been in the corner of the room when they had been in here just before the fire. Stuart says, "it's like something out of a 1970s horror film," Karl adds, "it's class A poltergeist activity."

They then went back upstairs after hearing a sound coming from up there. Karl then said he thought he saw someone standing in one of the bedrooms, he described it as a dark figure. Darren said, "I'm freaked out, massively freaked out."

While in one of the bedrooms they heard a smash on the landing and found a china tea cup had been seemingly thrown up the stairs. With all the drama, Karl and the gang failed to hear Yvette and the others come into the second cottage, which gave them a bit of a fright.
Most Haunted At Codnor Castle Cottage

Yvette wanted some answers, and decided to try and talk to the spirits. She used taps to indicate letters on Glen's laptop in an attempt to spell out a message. They eventually managed to spell out the sentence, "run or die."

Yvette then called out, "did you set fire to the doll?" and they heard two clear knocks to indicate 'yes'. Yvette then asked "do you wanna set fire to us?" Again, they heard the response yes, which prompted Karl to say, "well, do it then you piece of s**t, come on!" Which earned him a telling off from Yvette who reminded him there's already been one fire tonight and he's had his arm burned in the past.

Karl reminds Yvette, "we could be on the verge here of something absolutely tremendous paranormally. The power that's coming now more than ever, if we capture these things actually happening, who knows what's going to happen next."

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Yvette Fielding At Codnor Castle Cottage

The team split up again, Yvette took Karl and Gregg to the upstairs of the main cottage, where straight away they heard a metallic sound like a door handle coming from downstairs, as well as several knocks and bangs.

Glen was up in the attic on his own trying to capture spirits' voices in audio recordings using his laptop. He also had his trusty laser pointer projecting a grid on the wall, a technique ghost hunters employ to spot movement.

And, Fred, Darren and Stuart were in the smaller building where they heard dull thuds, which sounded like footsteps coming from outside the room they were in on the ground floor.

But, things seemed to have quietened down in general, so Yvette suggested the team re-group and change locations.
Most Haunted At Codnor Castle Cottage

Yvette joined Glen in the attic with Fred, Darren and Gregg, where they conducted a seance around a wooden pallet placed on the floor.

Fred called out, "two of our colleagues are downstairs on the other floor, push them kick them, throw something at them, make them know you're there." Fred got a little bit carried away and asked for the spirits to hurt Karl and Stuart.

Things were quiet for the team in the attic, but perhaps the spirits of Codnor were building up their strength.
Karl Beattie At Codnor Castle Cottage

While Fred was asking the spirits to hurt them, Karl and Stuart were upstairs in the adjoining cottage and had already heard what sounded like someone coming up the stairs, this was followed by another cup being thrown, this time on the landing.

Then, just as Fred asked the spirits to show themselves the room lit up and flickered, and Karl and Stuart started panicking. It transpired that the flash of light was coming from Karl who had been spontaneously set a light.

Although the incident wasn't caught on camera, it was clear to see what had happened. As Stuart spun around with the camera, Karl was taking his jacket off and stamping it out.

Stuart jumped on the radio and called the others over to the cottage, the first thing they noticed was the smell of smoke. Karl then showed Yvette the singed hair on his arm as he left the cottage.

Stuart filled Yvette in on what had happened, "we walked in here, and then the room just lit up and I turned round and Karl is literally on fire. And we quickly just got the coat off him. The coat was on fire, I think it was his sleeve."

This was too much for Yvette, she said "right everybody out now, I'm calling it. That's it, end of." The team's exit from the cottage marked the end of a very dramatic investigation.

Yvette ended the show by saying, "wow, what an amazing night we've had here at Derby. I can't speak properly because I am absolutely gobsmacked at what we've all experienced and what we've seen. I hope you've enjoyed the 'as-live', I would normally say we're going to keep the cameras rolling, but I'm actually too frightened to do that and I'm actually officially pulling the team out. Never had I ever had a piece of clothing go on fire like that before."
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