PARAFlixx Amps Up Its Offering Of Paranormal Shows With New Series 'Dark Echoes Paranormal'

March 01, 2024 1:00 AM
Dark Echoes Paranormal
Photo: © PARAFlixx
As PARAFlixx paranormal+ drop their newest series 'Dark Echoes Paranormal', they hope to prove that they're pushing forward the paranormal television genre. This latest series incorporates cinema-grade camera work, along with researchers who embody an endless passion for the paranormal.

Produced by Dark Echo Productions, host Matthew Ryan holds a vision "to bring to life real evidence of the supernatural and otherworldly; incorporating everything unexplained which is captured on film, and showing this real work to the world with proof of different phenomena as dedicated professionals." The first episode 'Concord's Colonial Inn' is now available on PARAFlixx paranormal+ and Amazon Prime Video.

In this cinematic, raw, interview-style series, different special guests, plus a cast of some of the best paranormal professionals, incorporate abilities and what they describe as some of the latest groundbreaking technology to establish undeniable communication with intelligent consciousness and the unseen. This includes the P-SB7 Pro spirit box, created by Gary Galka, plus equipment from The Ghost Hunter Store.

With so many paranormal shows on major television networks being cancelled, PARAFlixx has seized the opportunity to fill the void with a whole raft of new shows like 'Para Theory,' 'The Others' Side,' 'Knowingly Talking to the Unknown.'

The dedicated paranormal streamer is also celebrating the return of favourites like 'The Haunted Files,' 'Hometown Haunts,' 'Dead October Paranormal' and 'Maritime Haunting.'

There are even new documentaries and some titles which have received international recognition, including 'Expedition Entity,' 'A Haunting in Blue Hill,' 'Spectre Or Spectacle: A History of the Paranormal,' 'My Ghost Hunting Movie,' and Jason Kenzie in 'Paranormal Adventures: Haunted Voices.'

It's no wonder the culture of television is evolving, especially in the paranormal, spiritual and supernatural-type genres. Viewers seek the truth and have discovered there is a lot more than what we can hear and see in conjunction with science. 

As fans and viewers look forward to March 2 2024 at 9pm EST when the second 'Dark Echoes Paranormal' episode 'General Stanton Inn' will hit screens packed with unexplained phenomena. The new episode will be available to watch only on PARAFlixx paranormal+, before arrival on Amazon Prime Video at a later date. 

For more information, visit the PARAFlixx paranormal+ website at

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