The Case Of A Haunted Doll Features In New PARAFlixx Documentary

January 28, 2024 1:00 AM
A Haunting in Blue Hill
Photo: © PARAFlixx
What happens when unexplained phenomena are occurring, followed by a mysterious haunted doll and old book being recovered in a wooden box in the cellar of an 1800’s farmhouse?

As many paranormal researchers believe the history is a prominent part of any paranormal investigation, so does the cast and crew of the new documentary 'A Haunting in Blue Hill,' featuring a wide range of paranormal enthusiasts including paranormal author and TV personality Richard Estep ('Haunted Case Files'), April Slaughter, and David Weatherly ('Ancient Aliens').

Kenny Collins and his wife purchased their new dream home in the farm fields of rural America— Blue Hill Nebraska. Within this 130 year-old farm house lies a dark secret. After moving in, unexplained activity began and shortly after the new homeowners discovered a strange box.

“When I bought the house I went into the dirt basement and there was an old chest in there with this doll in the box,” says Mr. Collins. Not knowing exactly what to do, the Collins’ reach out to ‘Trails to the Unknown’ investigation team and a paranormal mystery is uncovered.

This documentary follows a team of paranormal investigators, Alan Megargle, Jesse Morgan, Anna Meyer Evans, and Madison Flewelling, who make contact with the spirits and energy within. As their journey takes many unexpected twists and turns, will the team find resolution for the haunting in Blue Hill?

"On the surface it would look like maybe somebody was trying to conjure something with this doll, or to keep something from trying to be conjured with this doll." - April Slaughter

Follow the journey of this story just released on television: now streaming on Amazon Prime and PARAFlixx paranormal+. 'A Haunting in Blue Hill' is presented by National Paranormal Network and is produced by 7t Something Films.

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