A Paranormal Convention Springs Up For The Fans With Special Guests From PARAFlixx

May 01, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Television

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Spirits In The Spring
Photo: © Debbie Daniele
Spirits In The Spring took place April 22nd, 2023 at Brodhead Manor with special guests featured on some favourite television shows and made waves across the paranormal community, setting the stage for another Spirits in the Spring 2024.

Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations and Events organised one of the most highly sought after events since announced last year, Spirits In The Spring. The event was launched as a way to help raise food donations for charity, while reuniting the fans with some of their favourite television personalities. 

The event showcased many special guest speakers and vendors, "and we wanted to make this fun and interactive," says event organiser Nick Sarlo, so there were different activities throughout the event, including "the world's longest conga line" with Patti Negri, known in the paranormal world for her appearances in 'Ghost Adventures'.

Nick Sarlo, the lead paranormal investigator of Shadow Hunters Investigations and Events, was at the event to premier the trailer for their upcoming new spin-off show called 'Paranormal Backstage: Beyond the Normal', which will stream on on PARAFlixx paranormal+ - one of the official sponsor of Spirits In The Spring.

Along with PARAFlixx paranormal+, Tribe 3 Productions and Scary Perry's Halloween Store  also sponsored the event. There is a full list of vendors and special guest speakers who graced the event, including Natalie Jones, Nick Simons, Aaron G. Thompson, Expedition Entity, ACG Paranormal, and Visually Creeped TV, just to name a few, which can be found on the event website. Nick and Aaron are known from the recent Netflix series '28 Days Haunted'. 

Most of all, Spirits In The Spring would like to thank the fans and supporters totally more than 450 who came together to make the event a success. The next Spirits in the Spring will take place at Brodhead Manor, in Brodhead, WI in the Spring of 2024 as an event committee is currently being organised.

For more information on all details of Spirits In The Spring visit shadowhunterspara.com.

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