Expedition Entity Investigates Two Unsolved Murders At The Road House Once Visited By American Gangster Al Capone

June 21, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Television
Expedition Entity At The Roadhouse
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Expedition Entity returns to a location called The Road House, once a stopping place for infamous gangster Al Capone during the Prohibition, and where two unsolved murders took place in 1948.

On June 25th, 1948, Stanley Skridla and Mary Jane Reed lost their lives in a double homicide— last seen alive at The Road House "Stenhouse" in Oregon, Illinois. After seventy five years, their murders remain unsolved. Award-winning series Expedition Entity returns to this old general store and cafe/bar in an all new episode 'The Road House,' which begins streaming Sunday June 25th on PARAFlixx paranormal+ on the anniversary of their tragic death.

This sensitive paranormal investigation features Larry Eissler III, Dan Norvell, Jenni Gill, and Steve Wren. With over one hundred years connected to bootlegging, the mob, and multiple murders, The Road House opens its doors to the team to find answers.

As Dan speaks with the owner, Michael Arians, he highlights three main "hot spots" within the building which are reported to produce the most unexplained activity. First a table in the North dining room, which was once the poker table in the basement Stanley Skridla played on the night of his murder. The dining area is also where people are regularly seen by staff sitting down, and then disappear when the waiters are sent to take their order. Second, the bar area, which was also a cafe built in the 1920’s by then owner and mobster Andrew Stenhouse. And finally in the basement, the old poker room, where undocumented crimes and indecent activity may have taken place given the history of bootlegging and mob organizations.

"You just never know what will happen here. I was shocked when I kept receiving the consistent uncooperative responses down in the basement old poker room," said team member Larry.

During the investigation shot at The Road House, four different experiments are spread throughout the building to cover the most active areas. Immediately starting the evening, Dan and Jenni sit down in the dining area and a motion device activates grabbing their attention. In the bar, the team combines a card trick with the Estes method (a blind fold and voice box experiment with noise-canceling headphones) to try and establish communication with Mary Jane Reed. In the basement, Larry receives a string of consecutive and consistent responses from what seemed to be an intelligent spirit who did not want to confirm with Larry if there had been any murders. The adventures so far in season three, include the team’s award-winning episode and investigation at Brodhead Manor in Brodhead, WI, owned by Bill Wolter, with special guests Jenny Davis and Natalie Jones: "Brodhead Manor: The Second Floor" is now available free on The Paranormal Channel, streaming on PARAFlixx paranormal+.

Expedition Entity is produced by Small Town Productions for The Paranormal Channel and PARAFlixx paranormal+. For more information, visit the PARAFlixx paranormal+ website at paraflixx.com.

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